Written by Paul

2 Dec 2011

This started when me and the missus, went out for a meal with some friends they picked us up, we do this about once a month if we can, we where driving along and Paul the other husband said we thought we go to another pub tonight, my wife was chatting away to his missus, he said we thought we give the Dog a look and see what its like, when he said that my other half went quiet, she seemed a little uneasy all the way there,I didn't think to much of it at the time,when we got there Paul and myself when to the bar telling the girls to fined a table, we ordered our food, thing seemed quite normal, chatting away a few drinks and the meal, Anne my missus was sitting opposite me I had my back to the bar,we where talking and she seemed to stare past me only for a moment, and looked away but and she lost the conversation, I asked are you okay, yes yes she said,I looked behind there was a few people at the bar and three blokes standing there getting a beer they seemed to have jest come in

The other odd thing I remembered, was before we left I when to take a leek,and this guy was in the bog, he looked at me very funny, as we stood there pissing, he was one of them blokes you see some times shaking his dick as it to say Iv got a big one you know the sort

There was one other thing that comes to mind on that night when we got home the wife's phone rang she looked at it and switch it off,now its seems funny she did that and very unusual she get a call that late

Things where quite normal for a few weeks, never thought any more about that night, it wasn't till one day I drove past the Dog pub by chance at about lunch time, and I am sure Anne's car was in the car park or one very similar, I mentioned it that evening, she said no I done like the place, okay I was mistaken, move on a month, and my neighbour was saying some thing about my mates car being parked in my drive I asked what type or car he said that black BMW I don't think I know any one with a black BM

I started to wonder what was going on, I never said any thing to Anne as I could of been adding one and one up and making three, I was getting suspicious, she had started having nights out with a friend on a regular basis, which she had always done but this was once a week not maybe once a month

Then next time Anne said she arranged to go out, I got home as normal, when she was getting ready, I went in and said I have had a call from work I need to go in for an hour or so, Anne said that okay I going out ant way, so I left and parked up jest out of our road, at seven a taxi came she got in it, so I fallowed it, it went to the Dog pub, she got out and went in, there was a black BMW already in the car park, once more I parked down the road a bit and waited,twenty minutes or so later Anne and a bloke came out and got in the BM and it drove off, me fallowing, we went to another pub quite away out of town this time, I had a job parking near the pub, in the end I had to go in the car park

I got parked out the way the best I could and waited, I had a look in the window and they where sitting at a table, an hour later they came out and drove off once more I was behind them

We didn't go the way I thought they would, they headed into a wooded area, I had to stay well back,there car turned into a byroad, when I turned in there lights where gone, there where a few pull ins, and a track, they must of gone down it, I got off the road and got out hell it seemed dark, I made my way back then walked down the track, not far down it I found there car, I was quite close but couldn't see much,the moon came out a bit given more light, it look like there jest one in backseat of the car, where the fuck was the other one,I got a little closer a bit to one side,it was him sitting up, then I made out Anne bent over his lap, the moon was now out more, and I could make out her head bobbing up and down, she was given him a blow job, fuck me I never get one only very rarely, I got a little bit more closer, and had a little better view, she came up I could see here blouse was undone and her tits where out,they land into each other I could make out she had what seemed like a fear sized cock in her hand, there was some movement,I could make out his arm moving Anne was laying back, I guessed he was finger fucking her,that when on for a time, till they shifted around, it looked as if he was between her legs there seemed to be at lest one over the back of the front seat, there was a pause where they seemed to snogging, he then started a rocking movement, it wasn't long he really got going the car was rocking as well, my wife seemed to moving under him, he jerked quite a few times and the movement stopped.

It was then I made my way down the track to the road, I got in my car and headed home to get back before Anne, I did in plenty of time, some minutes later she opened the door and came in I still got my work close on Anne looked at me and asked had I jest got in I said yes it took some time to sort the problem out at work