18 Sep 2016

My manager was a hot 40 something funny, shy man, who was married to a fellow worker. I was and still am happily married but we were experimenting with swinging and had been going to a club. My hubby told me that my boss fancied me when he saw how he looked at me on a works petanque event. I don't think he knew I fancied my boss but he encouraged me to see if I could arrange an erotic little something. My office gear was always and still is a short skirt, white blouse, stockings and matching bra and panties, all topped off with black stilettoes. My boss had flirted with me quite often when we were at works do's and during my appraisals with him, but nothing happened until a day we were working late and the only two on our floor. There were others elsewhere in the building. I was putting my files away when I felt a hand on my bum. I knew it was my boss or I hoped it was. He turned me round and led me all the way in to the filing cabinets. He said it would be safer. I was shaking with anticipation and fear of being discovered. We began kissing tongues probing hungrily. His hands ran down my back and he lifted my skirt up. He began needing my bum cheeks and pulling me towards him. I could feel his bulge in his trousers. I pushed my hands between us and began un buttoning and un zipping his trousers, he parted his legs. I pulled his boxers down at the front and felt his cock spring into my hands. I wrapped my right hand around his cock and my left cupped his heavy balls. I gave his cock slow strokes up to the tip if his knob which was oozing his juices. I wanted to taste them. He put his hands under my blouse and moved my bra above my tits and began teasing my nipples, he bent down and took my left tit and nipple into his mouth. I shuddered and could feel my pussy dripping into my thong. Sensing this he lifted my skirt and slipped his left hand down and into my thong, he rubbed his fingers along my clit and flicked my stiff vulva. I shuddered and could not stop my orgasm, but did not utter a sound. I dropped to my knees as I couldn't wait any longer to taste his cock and juices. I licked his balls and up his shaft to the knob. I took his whole shaft into my mouth deep into my throat and moved rhythmically up and down. Then I felt the warm gush of sweet cum filling my mouth swallowed every last drop. We stayed like that for a minute and then he pulled me to my feet. We hugged and kissed again. Then realised where we were and quickly straightened out our clothes. He went to check the all clear and then beckoned me out into the office. We said goodnight and I couldn't wait to get home to tell hubby all about my office filing, but that's another story....