Written by made her tell all

11 Jan 2010

Next night could not wait for her to get home and tell me why she had left we were both in bed by eight i was already hard i sat there in bed hand resting on her very wet pussyshe holding my stiff prick. She started by saying she had let her boss and his friend have her once aweek after work for the last month and they had shaged her silly.

Then he told her she was going to an important meeting with him in Birmingham and she should wear a business suit stockings and suspender and they would be having a meal at san carlo in town then on to the meeting. The day came she turned up in a grey suit worked the morning and left at 11.30 went to San Carlo where she drank most of a bottle of wine and a double brandy. they left San Carlo at 2pm and drove to the meeting,they were shown into an office of the main underwriter Bill was fifty to sixty years old grey hair quite handsome slim and about six feet tall.They sat opposite him on a leather sofa which was quite low as the meeting went on men kept comming and going droping papers off to be signed and asking questions of Bill who was looking right up her skirt and at her stocking tops which were showing.She was now feeling a little light headed as the drink took hold as the afternoon passed Bill came and sat next to her and put his hand on her leg and asked her how long she had worked for Andy she replied four months his hand was past her stocking tops now and was strocking her thigh someone then came in and he stood up she said she was very wet as he was so gentle stocking her leg, he then spoke to the guy and said to close his office door and he was not to be disturbed for the next hour the guy nodded and left.As soon as he left he was back sat beside her hand back between her legs this time rubbing her now wet gusset Andy was kissing her and feeling her tits after a short time they picked her up she was so unsteady on her feet as the drink had now taken hold they droped her skirt to the floor and sat her on the desk removed her pants and Bill started to tounge her pussy Andy now fed his cock in her mouth which she had now got used to she came on Bills tounge he removed his trousers and put his cock right in up to his balls in one thrust she was so wet Bill lasted about twenty strokes then shot his load he pulled out and her boss took his place his big cock filling her once again he fucked her hard for a while then turned her over so she was face down on the desk then he entered her from behind Bill then made a phone call but she could not here what he was saying her boss was now pounding away so hard and fast she thought she had passed out for a short time when she came round she was aware that her boss was sitting on the sofa with Bill they where both playing with tere cocks and she was being fucked by another cock but as she was still face down she could not see who it was he was fucking her hard and she knew that she was about to get her third load of spunk that afternoon come on jeof hurry up let me have a go she went to get up but was pushed back down then a black cock was pushed in her mouth it was so big she gaged on it her hand was placed on it and she was toldto wank it and get it hard it grew even bigger and she forgot all about the guy fucking her she had never seen a cock so big just as she got the black cock to full size Jeof cum flooded her she then felt her arms being held by her boss and Bill then she felt it big and hard pushing into her streching her like never before after a few pushes he got most of it in her and started to fuck her hard and fast she came and came as the monster fucked her young cunt he soon came and pulled out she could feel the spunk running down her legs and on to the floor between her legs Bill then released her and Jeof took his place, the black guy sat down on the sofa she looked at him shirt and tie on his limp cock hanging down between his legs he looked about twenty very fit,then her mind was focused as a finger penertrated her anus then another a tounge now on her clit licking her clean she came again as the fringer worked her open then Bills cock was at her tight anus forcing its way in no she cried but it was to late he was in up to his balls she cried at the pain her boss put his dick in her mouth again get me hard Jill she sucked him as Bill fuck her arse soon he spunked up her and withdrew only to be replaced by Jeof he sliped in stright up to his balls fucked her hard so hqard that she could not suck her bosses cock she was being pounded so hard Jeof came up her and pulled out, she went to get up not yet Jill her boss said my turn he placed his dick at her entrance and pushed it home he then fucked her hard and fast for a while then slowed and started a steady pace which she enjoyed he then started to finger her clit and oh so soon she started to cum again this set her boss off and he shot up her arse as he pulled out she was held down again and noticed the black guy was not on the sofa No she cried not that up me it wont fit relax Jill it will fit but you must relax she felt it at her entrance he pushed forward she flinched he tried again harder it went in bit by bit going past her inner sanctum then he was in as far as her arse would allow he fucked her slow and steady for what seemed like forever she was sore but Bill was now under her licking her clit and once again her body gave her away with another cum and the black guy emptided his load up her not so tight arse. The men all got dressed and left her and her boss to clean up she said she coul hardly walk and Andy had to help her back to the car once inside and on the way back she told Andy that she was leaving as she felt that he had gone to far and two weeks later she leftnever to see Andy again. However she has told me that her and the black guys paths crossed some thirty years on.She has told me the story i may tell you all on another day.