Written by Heather C

17 Jan 2017

I wrote recently about my first anal at the urging of my husband. Thinking about those uni days made me hot and clouded my mind abit. I got so horny remembering the story about Paul licking my bumhole that I just had to masturbate. Oh my pussy and knickers were so wet, but I made sure this time nobody was watching and I have just frigged myself off. Whilst I was masturbating I realised I had merged my first anal experience with the follow on events. Let me explain. I had stripped naked and was letting Paul lick my tits and as he was fully clothed I decided to tease him by letting him lick my pussy from behind. But I was not going to let him fuck me. Paul was dressed and as he was in his knees I bent over to give him 'access'. I laughingly told him to lick my bumhole too. Well he slid his tongue down my bum crack and circled his tongue round and round my bumhole - totally orgaamically delicious. He was prodding my bum hole with his tongue and alternatively licking round and round. It was getting me going and my pussy was dripping. I asked Paul to drop his pants so I could see his cock. He did and I told him I wanted him to play with himself. I didn't need to tell him twice his hand was already gripping and stroking his cock. We were both quite close to coming and I wanted to be a touch daring and I asked him if he could wank and shoot his sperm up my bumhole. His licking became intense and he was plunging his tongue further up my back passage. He stood and was slowly stroking his large cock when I looked round. Oh how delicious was that sight a man transfixed on my rear end, holding his own cock and slowly stroking it. It was oozing when he touched the end of his cock to my bum hole. I could feel him stroking and pulling his cock. I could feel the wetness against by bum hole and the pressure for me to open up. I didn't want him to enter me, just get his cum to shoot up me. He was pushing harder and it was getting harder to keep my bumhole closed. I think his bell end started to prize open my bumhole and he started to enter me. God I was trembling and on the edge of orgasm and I momentarily loosened my bum hole. His cockend pushed slightly in and squeezed into my bumhole, I forced down trying to squeeze him out but the effect on him was too much and he came. His hot sperm came shooting out straight up my bumhole. Oh it felt very good, a trembling man masturbating himself for me, denied entry (just) but having to cum and delivering a lovely warm cum stream right up my bum. It was just so delicious and I came so intensely when I felt his first erupting jet. Paul didn't stay, but the next day we repeated this and I let him slide that gorgeous cock right up my bumhole. Oh uni life, it had its ups and downs, boys and girls and group sex too. I loved my accidental sex with a gorgeous mystery girl too - but that is another story. Going to have to masturbate again, pussy hot and sticky and ironing to do too !!