Written by Heather C

17 Jan 2017

To be honest Mark is away tonight and I have already masturbated twice and it got me thinking of Uni life and Paul. I was a bit cruel really, I made him lick my bum hole and then I made him shoot his sperm up there too. I was a good catholic girl and so my plan was no contraception and no proper sex. So being away from home and having a decent looking man to play with I used him for his sex and I think he quite enjoyed it. At times when he came round I made him strip naked when he walked through the door. His lovely cock was already hard when he pulled his boxers down and quite often I made him just wank off to show he loved me. Other times I would let him cum with his bellend just inside my mouth and me tickling his balls (he loved that). Sometimes with him naked I would strip off and wank him so slowly, using juice from my pussy to masturbate him whilst I fingered myself and rubbed my clit. I loved watching him come, that tightening of his senses, the insane look in his face the tension in his cock and that eruption of sperm. I loved his sperm, I still love it the texture and taste. As With all these things sex progresses. Out shopping I bought some baby oil and when I next had Paul naked with his lovely cock rolling between my small hands I decided to try some baby oil. After pouring Some on his cock and my hands I started to slowly wank him. It was electrifying and he was coming in moments. I felt cheated and decided I would see if I could get him hard again. I loved that, stroking his lovely cock and the feeling it slowly growing and swelling in my hands. Oh I love men's cocks. Well I had him hard and rolled on my belly and told Paul to pour some oil between my bum cheeks and rub it in. His slippery cocked was rubbing my side and I lowered my hand to cup him and stroke that delicious cock. Paul was sliding his fingers up and down my bum crack and into my ass. He knew my pussy was off limits for him (looking back it must of been agony for him) but hey ho. He was building up a pace and I asked him to slide his cock between my bum cheeks. Oh it was divine and had me on the edge of cumming and then his cock head bumped my bumhole. Well it did not take much as he just sort of glided straight up my bum. Oh I came like a steam train, trembling and screaming it was fantastic and he pumped that wonderful cock in and out so slowly and deeply. As he had cum earlier he fucked my bumhole for ages adding more oil to keep things going. I must of orgaasmed about 6-times. Oh university life ! Well guess what for a girl of 23 I have cum twice today and my pussy is wet again. I am going to have to masturbate again. Is this what people do with these stories ? I am curious now to know if you pleasured yourself whilst reading about me.