Written by Heather C

18 Feb 2017

A lot has happened at home and work and sex has been a quick wam bam with Mark when we can. However last night Mark wason a late shift, I had washing on and was doing my coursework. Just been so very busy. There was a knock on the door and as I went to open it there was Rob, he came in and I could see he was 'hot'. I was wearing training pants and a sweatshirt, no bra and skimpy knickers. I hadn't seen Rob for a few weeks since he, Mark and I shared a bed. It had been so horny and on that morning as I woke I remember see Rob slowly wanking my husband Mark. Mark had actually sucked Robs cock and swallowed his cum and my pussy had driven me daft, so wet as I fingered my hot quim. Well that was a few weeks ago and as I turned to walk into the house Rob just reached for me as soon as the door closed. He kissed me hard pulling him close to him his hands reaching down my pants. I had been reading about law and my mind was so far from sex but as Robs hands reached down my pants, pulling my buttocks apart, his trailing fingers going deeper I felt my pussy flush. His finger found my arsehole and pressed against it, circling it and pressing it. I groaned. Rob had been running and had Lycra long pants on and a tee shirt. He smelt very sweaty and damp and said he was running past and just called round on spec and asked if Mark was in. I was getting very flustered, his fingers had found my pussy, his lovely cock wa very hard and his fingers were spreading my wet pussy apart. We staggered back towards the kitchen where he turned me round and pushed me into the worktop pulling down my pants and knickers and started to run his tongue down my anal crack. He circled my bumhole with his tongue and slide further down spending my pussy lips and sinking his tongue down inside me. I was trembling and on the end of cumming when he stood and pushed his pants down and just rammed his cock hard deep into my pussy. I came instantly, groaning and grinding and I felt his thumb in my bunhole circling and pushing inside. I came again as Rob fucked be hard his balls slapping against me, his thumb invading my ass and his cock swelling. I started to cum again and Rob exploded, his cum blasting deep into me. He slowed and I just came so hard I was like a rag doll. As Rob grew limp I could feel his cum dribbling out of my pussy. Rob extracted himself and I felt him bend down and he started to lick my swollen pussy so gently. He was cleaning his own cum from me, slowly lapping at my pussy. I had come so hard, so many times I thought I was spent, be he must of coated his thumb with his spunk and was again circling my bumhole and gently pushing it inside my ass. With his tongue lapping at my clit and slipping between the folds of my pussy I could feel my cum rising again. I came again with my pussy juicing on his face. Rob lapped me clean and stood, pulled his pants up and left. I stood legs wobbling and pulled up my pants. I just about managed to put my course work away and tidy myself up and Marks car pulled up the drive. With a sticky pussy, damp with another mans sperm and saliva I kissed my husband and started to make tea !