Written by Heather C

1 Apr 2017

When I was at Uni I became friends with Alison, who was two rooms down the corridor from me. We got on really well and to cut along story short it was a warm May evening, the sun low in the sky and a gentle breeze wafting into my room. We were both in shorts and teeshirts and I had noticed Alison was not wearing a bra, her nipples kept becoming erect with the breeze. As we sat with our books around us, asking questions about the law I noticed that Alison's shorts were gaping and I could see her pussy partially exposing itself ! I had never slept or touched another women but the sight of her naked pussy made me feel abit curious. I wasn't shocked and when Alison moved I moved myself to try and keep an eyeline on her crotch. I must of been too obvious or Alison realised what I could see and just stood up. I flushed bright red as Alison looked angry but then she reached for the button on her shorts and started to wriggle her bum peeling her shorts and knickers down her lovely legs. I was shocked and sat silently watching as her shaved pussy came into view. Thought you might like an uninterrupted view Heather ? With that Alison now naked from the waist down stepped towards me with her fingers holding her pussy lips apart. I love girl on girl Heather - do you ? Well with a moist pussy an inch from my face it was all I could stammer to say never tried it. With that Alison started to giggle and sat next to me on the bed, she cupped my face and kissed me and pushed me back. It was strange kissing a girl and her hand slid up my tee shirt and under my bra squeezing my tit. My heart was pounding and I could feel my pussy moisten, I could also feel Alison's exposed pussy pressed against my thigh getting wet. We were kissing gently and Alison was rubbing her pussy more urgently on my thigh and it was getting very slippy and she was panting. My teeshirtwas up now and my bra pushed over mytitwhen Alison dipped her head down to lick my nipple. She was grinding quite hard on my thigh when I felt her fingers push my shorts and knickers aside to feel my pussy. Her finger stoked along my slit, my lips opening and her finger stroked deep and with her lip clamped on my nipple I came and so did Alison. As she slowed down and stopped grinding I started to wonder what the hell we were doing. But Alison got up, pulled on her shorts and bent down to kiss me, prodding a finger into my exposed pussy. Putting her fingers into her mouth she said thanks, gotta dash and that was that. Well it was a first time and we repeated it a couple of times, but I really liked men and their cocks and the lesbian thing was nice but just didn't have the same fulfilling experience of being fucked with a nice cock ! Memories eh ? PS I never told my husband Mark about my lesbian experience !