Written by Rachell

9 May 2013

Hi it’s Rachell again, you may recall I wrote a couple of months back, titled “oh so naughty” I was out in the park, met a guy and had sex, I am in my early fifties, find it and read it.

I was ashamed , well a little anyway, being married and cheating so easily, anyway I had a lot of response, from people who said I was doing nothing wrong, but I think I am really, anyway enough waffle, I finally plucked up enough courage to do it again, I had recently taken up jogging, and often jog round the same park, going most days, you get to see the same faces, and started to get on nodding terms, even chatting, I had got chatting to a guy in his thirties, seemed a normal sort of guy, he often commented that I was in good shape, anyway, one evening out jogging I was taken short, and needed to pee, looking around I was alone and ….well instead of lowering my tight lycra shorts I leant against a tree spread my legs and pee’d through them, when I finally finished I looked round and he was there!!! Where he came from I have no idea, but he was sporting a hard on, he told me it was a very erotic sight, I went red with embarassement, he just walked up to me and gave me a kiss, I was stunned and he took the no response as a green light and put his hands on my breasts, I thought my nipples would explode, he started to kiss me again, soon had his tongue down my throat, and he started feeling my ass, I put my hand on his cock, it was huge, he put his hand between my legs pressing the wet cold cloth against my pussy moaning as he did, he peeled my top off and unhooked my sports bra, he started tweaking my nipples, and kissed each one, I mumbled something about being married, pretty futile really as I was now wanking his cock through his shorts.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to the ground, we were in a very secluded spot, and started to peel off my shorts, “your shaved” he said “love it” as my shorts went over his shoulder, he pulled down his own shorts, and his cock sprang out, already wet on the end, he knelt between my legs and started kissing me again, very soon I could feel his cock at the entrance to my fanny, he looked at me and said “I don’t do foreplay” and with that he pushed his cock up me, it made me cry out, but he was soon into a steady rythmn, it wasn’t long before I could feel myself cumming, I wrapped my legs around his arse as I came, it wasn’t long before he was cumming too, I could feel it pulsing into me, we lay there for a minute or two, and then we heard distance voices, so scrabbling around for my gear we got dressed quickly, he gave me his number and I went home, back to my Hubby with my lycra shorts soaked in pee and cum, he never found out I put them straight into the machine and showered, I cannot believe how naughty I am being