Written by Cuck Tim

3 Apr 2016

I have moved into being a cuckold and can’t get enough of it.

My relationship with my wife just gets better and better. I can’t do enough for her and that’s in and out of the bedroom. My need is to see her satisfied and have anything I can give her.

We have done some swinging but I know I got more from seeing her with another man that me fucking his wife. She has had some lovers too but the best for me is when she has them here and I know firsthand what is happening to her. I may be present or listening nearby.

I get so excited now when she talks about her bull instead of referring to him as a lover.

It has created changes in me.

When she and I have sex I can control things and last a long time.

But when her bull is here I can’t last as long as him. Even when she takes him in her mouth, the whole scene is so exciting and can be too much and I cum before anyone else.

My wife is very supportive and although she satisfies her own lust and needs, she helps me get what I so need too.

She knows I get so excited seeing her with her bull that sometimes she plays a little game before he arrives.

She tells me what is going to happen and this gets me instantly hard. She then gets me to stroke my dick and she holds a plate in front. I cum on the plate. I look at her and get this pathetic and humbled feeling which I savour.

I pump my cock and dribble my cum onto its glassy surface. You may guess what comes next.

After the last tear drop of my semen lands on that plate, she lifts the plate up to my lips. All the time looking into my eyes. She wants me to lick it up.

The eye contact is the key. I slowly lick all my ball juice and then swallow every bit of it until the plate is clean.

She does not talk just uses her eye contact throughout this entire experience and I get the full cuckold benefit. This helps me last longer later and enjoy their show.

She has also coached me in what she calls “Synchronized Cuckolding”. Very exciting.

She mounts her bull and sits on his cock.

As she goes up and down so does my hand on my cock.

It’s like as she lifts her beautiful arse to prepare for another balls deep slam on her bull’s cock, you tug upwards and touch the sensitive head of your cock. Then your hand follows her down as she drops. All three of us stay in rhythm, life is cuckoldingly perfect.

As a cuckold being cuckolded, you just get too damn excited.

Sorry if I bored you but some may find it exciting too.