Written by Lucky Pete

16 Dec 2014

A holiday in Spain was turned on its head when we visited Ibiza. We are set in the mid eighties and we have been married for three months. Our dabbling with an extra male guest to enhance her enjoyment of plenty of cock was being exercised regularly. A lovely woman with her hair frizzy like the perms of the day, all tight curls and shoulder length, lovely firm breasts and a figure, her waist curved and hips wide and womanly, her trim figure shaped perfectly, when naked her back looks strong and lithe, not muscly but beautifully sculpted. Eyes with the hypnotic come to bed effect, which turn to a dreamy fuck me now misty stare. Her cunt has a thin strip of hair and a smooth pair of inviting lips, moist, ready for use by a nice, clean, well mannered guy who lights her touch paper.

I am taking a speedboat trip and enjoying some serious speed fun while she had been laying around the pool in a very skimpy bikini. A guy approaches her and asks if she knows her way around as he has just arrived and would like the chance to get into Ibiza town centre quite quickly. Liz looks him up and down and likes what she sees immediately, well spoken without being snobbish, polite but with a hint of humour and a glint in his eye.

Cutting the story short, she dons a sarong and invites him to join her at a café in the old town, smiling and slipping her sandals on, heels and sexy with them shaping her soft tanned legs.

They walk a few blocks, the directions could have been offered and easily understood, but they both knew it was an excuse to move towards something more. They spent a couple of hours together sitting overlooking the old town from a rustic balcony, the sea shimmering in the sunlight. They talked and he revealed that he actually lived in the town but was mesmerised by her looks and he wanted to invite her to his villa which was a short walk from our apartment. Liz was given his business card and she saw the address and a phone number. He said she would be very welcome to spend some time with him if she was free that evening. She did not tell him she was with me, but accepted a kiss on the lips and a bit of tongue tennis as they strolled back. He asked if she was with friends and she said yes but she could get away no problem.

I had returned shortly after they had parted and probably passed him somewhere in the grounds but as I was not especially looking out for anyone, took no notice.

Liz was highly excited, her nipples jutting proudly through the bikini top. I asked what the reason was for the display, smiling in a knowing way. Liz told me of her little excursion and of her invite. I smiled and asked if she was taking him up on the offer and she said maybe we should take a walk past his place before she makes her mind up.

After lunch we had our siesta and when the sun got a little less harsh, got a shower and changed then had our walk. The road was elevated and there were some great views. We soon got to the address, a smart modern build in typical local style, open, cool looking shade, a pool and nicely planted garden with lemons growing and giving a scent which even I detected. She seemed impressed and noted that his car was in the drive, an Audi Quattro, very nice. The railings and vegetation screened large parts of the villa from the road but it looked very clean and smart.

We passed by and doubled back. She grinned at me and then whispered 'Do you fancy me being a naughty girl tonight?' I grinned and she knew the answer.

We found a call box and she rang his number, two minutes later she was out of the box and telling me she was meeting him at nine that night.

We found a bar and celebrated the doubtless conclusion that she was going to be well fucked that night. Part two in a day or so, I am having to work late tonight and tomorrow.