Written by lynn

9 May 2010

this incident happened about 15 years ago when i was about 23 years old, and married. it was early 90s ,and when i went out i always wore very short skirts ,at the time i had long blonde hair and was always tanned, it made my long legs look great in my short skirts and heels which were nearly always white . this night about 10 of us were going to a strip show at a local club ,we all wore short skirts , when we got there ,there was about 80 women there, we all got a few drinks and found a table. the show started ,there was about 5 or 6 male strippers and as the night went on and we all got more drunk, it got a bit raunchy ,they came amongst us with a little towel wrapped round them ,they kept putting the towel over each of our heads and every one sucked their cocks under the towel.

we got a black stripper, he was old in his 60s but had a good body and a massive cock.

at one of the breaks he threw his jock strap into the crowd and it landed on me , we all laughed ,then 5 mins later it came on the loud speaker that who ever had it could have a private dance back stage , i offered it to the other girls but they said no lynn you take it , i said i will and off i went.

back stage i opened the door and the old man was sat on a couch in a short dressing gown, he said so you got it did you , come and sit here ,i sat down and he started , he wrapped his towel round him then took off his robe , he started moving in front of me, he got about a foot in front of me and dropped the towel ,as he moved his cock was swinging round, he then took hold of it and rubbed it in my face , he said hold it if you want,so i grabbed it and started sucking it , he was going to move back but i said no , i started wanking and sucking and soon it was rock hard, long and thick , he started moaning so i told him to lock the door ,as he locked it he turned round and i slid my panties off, i started sucking again and as i did i took my top and bra off, i lay back ,he got on top and fucked me ,god it felt good he was stretching me and i could not stop comming, he fucked me hard for a good 10 mins, i said dont come in me so he pulled out and came all over my face and tits it went every were there was that much of it. when i got back to the girls they cheered and asked what happened so i told them i had a strip and nothing else in case my hubby found out.