28 Sep 2015

On Saturday I went to my brother's birthday and retirement party so ended up back in the town I used to live in 44 years ago. It reminded me of a time I had there as I passed the leisure centre in the town. At the time I was a labourer on the building site where it was being built.

One of the chippys talked about his weekends away in his caravan with his wife and invited me along for the weekend. Being a naive 18 year old I didn't understand the implications of what he was offfering. It would be me and him and his wife sharing the caravan. He said I wouldn't have to pay anything as they were going anyway so I thought why not. We left about lunchtime Friday as most contractors tended not to work Friday afternoons.

He picked me up in the high street and I sat in the front with him as his wife was in the back, with the caravan towed behind. She was about 45 I think, quite pretty, shoulder length dark hair and a figure that I would say now is about a size 14. Her tits looked quite big, as I do remember that, as I have always admired a nice pair of tits and I suppose she was about 5 foot 4. Mike was a big man with a huge belly and the other lads on the site were always making fun about him not being able to see his tiny willy when he had a pee.

We drove to the south coast and onto a camping site. It was big and we ended up about 3 fields away from the office overlooking the sea. We were the only ones in the field at that time. The caravan was set up and the car parked. Charlie (Charlotte) made a cup of tea and we sat and chatted for an hour or more and I found myself attracted to the 'older woman' for the first time. She was probably the only 'woman' that I had ever really chatted to. By this time it was mid afternoon and the sun was hot. Mike said he was going to visit a friend who lived quite close and Charlie got out the mattress to sunbathe. She changed into a bikini and I remember thinking to myself that she was dead sexy. Very voluptuous with a hint of a baby belly but those tits were spilling out of her top. I changed into my budgie smugglers (it was the 70s) and laid down next to her to sunbathe at her request.

At 18, lying next to a sexy woman I had an instant hard on which my smugglers had a job to keep in. All sorts of things in my mind and then it came. "Do you think you could put some cream on my back please?" I knelt next to her and started rubbing it into her back. She reached behind and undid her strap telling me that she didn't want cream on it. As I did her back I'm sure she must have noticed my hard on but didn't say anything. Of course as I did her back I accidentally touched the side of her tits but she said nothing, just closed her eyes. I finished her back and then she said to do her legs as well.

I was behind her and just had to release my cock for a few seconds as it was beginning to hurt. I tucked it away again and started on her calves. As I worked my way up her legs she opened them and I could see her bush poking out either side on her bikini. She was very hairy with a little hair also on the tops of her legs. (This was the early 70s). I nearly came in my pants without touching it. I rubbed cream into her legs and got closer to her crotch. My cock had now taken over and I put my hand as close to her bikini bottoms as I could actually feeling her pubic hair. Her legs opened even further and on the other leg I actually touched the outside of her bikini bottoms. She didn't say anything so I again nudged her pussy. Nothing said. I now openly rubbed the gusset of her bikini and then managed to slip my hand into the side. She was soaking wet and I realised that she wanted me to touch her. I sat astride her leg and she could feel my cock on her leg. I pulled her pants to one side and for the first proper time I managed to make a woman cum by fingering her.

She turned over onto her and pulled my trunks down and put her hand around my cock. The instant she touched it I came all over her hand. She rubbed it hard and my spunk shot all up her arm and onto her chest about three times. I wish I could do that now. She licked her hands clean and in a couple of minutes I was hard again. Oh to be 18.....

I was pushed onto my back and she got on top of me telling me how nice it was to feel a nice hard cock which was much bigger than her husband's. She rode me for about 15 minutes and I think she came about 3 to 4 times. For me at that age she seemed insatiable. She then wanted me on top and told me to fuck her hard. I lasted about 2 minutes before cumming again and she came violently as I shot in to her.

This has got a bit long so I will finish by saying that she joined me both nights in my bed for the two days we were there. She said Mike was asleep. I thought at the time that he didn't know, but I realise now that I had been taken along to service his wife. If I remember correctly I reckon she must have cum about 20 times over the course of the weekend. I think for myself it was about 8 times.

I joined them about another 4 or 5 times but she would never meet me outside of those times. And I thought every time that Mike never knew. I was of course totally in love with her. Well.......I realise now it was lust. Happy days and memories.