24 Jul 2015

My husband asked me to write this.

After waiting on the list for a while I was given an allotment earlier this year. It was, as usual, very overgrown and my husband and I worked hard to clear it and plant the veg. We got to know the other people at the site and as you would expect there were a fair number of older gentlemen.

They were always ready for a chat and seemed to like the idea of me wearing a short skirt. I do not own a long skirt and I very rarely wear knickers as I find them very uncomfortable. I know the old chaps often stand chatting where they can see me bend over and I enjoy the fact that they can see.

I am 45 and have quite a curvy figure, not fat, but a nice shaped bum and nice boobs. My nipples are quite large and as I often go bra-less they stick out quite a bit. My husband and I have been on here a while and we occasionally indulge in a little 'extra' together, or I sometimes meet men on my own, so he enjoyed the fact that the old men were looking at me. In fact his reason for getting an allotment was so he could fulfill a fantasy of his and see me with a very old man. My reason was because I always wanted to be able to grow my own veg. and said to him that it isn't going to happen.

Anyway I got to know Bob, Mike and John (real names cos I bet every allotment has old chaps with that name) and would sometimes wander to chat to them when they were sat outside their sheds having a cuppa. They were all about late 60s I think but still very fit looking and tanned from the gardening.

One very hot day recently I wandered along to Bob's shed as he was sat on his chair talking to John who had taken his chair to sit with him. After I had been chatting for about 5 minutes John offered for me to sit on his knee and I laughed and said why doesn't he just give me his seat. After a bit of banter I sat down on his knee and as he had shorts on, and I had my short skirt on, it was my leg against his. In fact it was actually my pussy against his leg but I didn't think he would notice. Of course he did and after a while made a comment about part of his leg being very warm. A the same time he put his arm around my hips and his leg moved so that it was more between mine.

My skirt had ridden up and I know that Bob could see my shaved pussy. It felt very nice as his leg rubbed against me and I could feel a tingling between my legs. John made more comments but by now I didn't really care and opened my legs so that his went right between mine and I put my arm around his shoulder to steady myself.

All the time I knew my husband was watching from a place where he could not be seen. The two old men went very quiet as I rubbed myself on John's leg and I felt it get slippery as I got wet.. John put his hand between my leg and felt my pussy and managed to get a finger in me. By this time I was really turned on and let him rub me until I had a small cum.

Next thing John stood up and pulled me into Bob's shed. Bob followed and they closed the door behind them. My husband said at that point he wasn't happy about not being able to see.

In the shed my skirt was lifted and my top pulled over my head. Each one of them started sucking on my nipples and both had their hands between my legs both trying to get a finger in me. It was a bit rough but I was very turned on as it made me feel like a dirty slut letting two old men have their way with me.

John suddenly bent me over his table and I could feel his cock between my legs. I protested that this was too much but with one thrust he pushed it in me. He felt very big and as He held me down started to thrust. I really enjoyed the feeling of being forcefully taken and pushed back against him. Within about two minutes he groaned loudly and I felt the heat of his cum in me as his cock throbbed several times. That made me cum as well and I groaned loudly as well as I did.

John just sort of collapsed on me and I pushed back and he stood up and flopped out of me. Bob was immediately in his place and although I'd had enough he very quickly pushed his cock in me before I could get my breath back. he thrust into me very quickly and came in me about a minute late. Again I could feel the heat of his cum as it shot into me and groaned. I think I must have been very sensitive as I could feel every pulse and throb of his cock as he came.

Bob just stayed in me for about two to three minutes getting his breath back and then pulled out. I was surprised to see he was still hard and could see that it was a nice shape and size.

Not a lot was said as we made ourselves respectable and then went outside. I went back to my husband and they continued to chat in their seats.

Nothing has happened since but they are always asking me to go for another 'cuppa'