Written by Peter

19 Aug 2015

Years ago i worked as a rep for a refrigeration company. I was driving down a street towards the City Centre late one afternoon when i spotted Kay on the bus stop. Kay used to work for my company before leaving to join a solicitor. She accepted my offer of a lift and said she was surprised o see me again. She told me she was going home and as we were chatting she placed her hand on my thigh which took me by surprise. I'd heard she was cock when she worked in our office but did'nt really think about fucking her when i picked her up. She was quite plain, wore glasses but had a nice figure and wa pleasant enough. She was'nt married, aged in her thirties and lived with her father. When we arrived at her house she invited me in saying that her father was working the afternoon shift and would'nt be home until 11 0'clock that evening. My cock was already stirring as we entered the house. Once inside i kissed her passionately, my tongue lapping around hers, my hand on her breast as her hand stroked my cock over my trousers. She told me that she'd always fancied me and led me upstairs to her bedroom where we undressed each other quickly. As i thought, she had a nice body as i looked at her lying naked on the bed. She asked me if i had a conom and i said i had'nt. '' that ok as i've got some'', and she reached into the bedside table and produced one. She removed one from its packet and placed it on the table ready to use. ''Don't need that yet'', she said.

We kissed passionately, my hand caressing her breasts which nice and firm, not too big, as her fingers wrapped themselves around my stiff cock. I told her she had a lovely body and that i wanted to fuck her and he said that she wanted me to fuck her too. I went down her body with my tongue, over her her tummy and over the triangle of pubic hair and onto her clit. My fingers entered her cunt which was already wet with her juices. She moaned as my tongue caressed her clit and my fingers worked inside her cunt. '' Oh Peter that feels so good'''She gasped.''I want you to give me a good shagging'' She sighed.

I moved my body round and pulled her on top of me in the 69 position, her wet cunt over my mouth as she took my rampant cock in her mouth, drawing the foreskin back off my bell end, rolling her tongue around it. Her hand gently squeezed my spunk filled balls which felt good. She was gasping loudly, her gasps muffled by my cock in her mouth. The pungent smell of a wet cunt ready to be fucked turned me on as i looked at the glistening opening of her cunt, i spread open her cunt lips, her pubic hairs matted with cunt juice and ready to take my hard cock. She took the condom and i felt her rolling it down over my 8'' cock. ''Oh Peter, i'm ready to be fucked, fuck me hard'' She pleaded.

I moved her onto her back, she opened her legs and raised her knees ready to be screwed, and i moved over her, my rampant condom covered cock pointing towards her wet cunt. She reached down and held my cock and guided it to the waiting cunt, a cunt ready for cock. She gasped loudly as she felt the first couple of inches enter her, raising her knees to her beasts to allow me full penetration. the feeling of her cunt around my cock felt so good and despite all the cock that she had been fucked by it still felt tight around my length. Once comfortably inside i began to fuck her, slowly at first then increasing my thrusts. Soon she was crying out, her head rolling from side to side, obviously enjoying being well fucked. ''Fuck me from behind, I like that'' She said so i withdrew my cock from her cunt and she knelt over with her head resting on the pillow and her buttocks in the air ready to fuck. I knelt behind her, guided my cock into the entrance of her cunt, held her hips and pulled hard onto my cock. I pushed it right up to my balls, making her cry out. ''I feels even bigger this way'' She gasped as i rammed my cock hard into her. I reached round and squeezed her hanging tits, tweaking her nipples as i fucked her. ''Oh my God that so good'' She cried as i queezed her lovely tits and shagged her as hard as i could. She climaxed loudly, crying out as my cock reamed her cunt. I could feel myself coming and i withdrew and rolled her onto her back and rammed my cock hard into her and groaned and told her i was coming. I thrust into her one last time, keeping 8'' of hard cock fully inside her as i pumped my spunk into the durex inside her cunt. ''Oh yes, i can feel it throbbing, it feels so good'' She moaned as i lay on top of her, my cock slowly softening inside her. As i withdrew i held the spunk filled durex in place to stop it slipping off, the teat end full of spunk.

As we lay quietly getting our breathe back, i told her what a good fuck she was and she said she enjoyed it too. What happened next was totally unexpected. The bedside phone rang, no mobiles in those days. Kay answered it and told me it was Julie, my managing directors secretary, who was still friendly with Kay after their days working together. Kay said that she would never gueuse who was in bed with her. When she told Julie it was me, apparrantely Julie how lucky she was as she also fancied me. Kay suggested she called and joined us and Julie said she'd be about 15 minutes. Kay told her the front door was unlocked and to let herself in. I could'nt believe my luck, Julie was really attractive with a beautiful body and i'd always fancied her and now i was about to get to fuck her. I went to the bathroom and disposed of the durex and washed my cock ready for more cunt.

Julie duly arrived and as she entered the bedroom said ''fancy seeing you here''. And began to strip off. As i said, she had some body and my cock rose quickly. Julie gasped when she saw it and aid to Kay that she did'nt say what a big cock i had. Kay took another durex from the packet ready to roll onto my hard cock when the time came to fuck. I lay on my back as they both caressed my hard cock, taking it in turns to suck me off as i fingered both their cunts. Julie was nice and wet and Kay rolled the durex down over my cock again. ''Let me get on top of that'' Julie said and straddled me lowering her cunt down over my stiff prick. ''Ooh, that feels so good, nice big cock up my cunt'' she sighed as she started riding up and down on my hard cock. I reached up and felt her firm tits as Kay positioned herself so that i could lick her clit. It felt so good as Julie rode u and down my cock and she moaned and said it was so good. Kay said for me to get on top of Julie and givea good fucking like i'd given her. Julie moved off me and lay on her back as i moved over her and thrust my cock fully inside her again and she dug her nails into my thrusting buttocks. Kay asked her it was good and Julie moanedand said it was so good and did'nt want it to stop. Kay was gently squeezing my balls and then took a large vibrator out of the bedside table and switched it on and played it over Julies clit. That drove her crazy and cried out as she climaxed beneath me. I could feel the vibrator against my cock which drove nearer to another climax. Julie lay beneath me totally fucked and not moving and i slowly withdrew and moved on top of Kay and gave her another good fucking before i came a second time. Kay removed the durex from my cock and emptied the contents over Julies tits and spread my spunk over them. She moaned as she felt Kays hand spread the creamy spunk over hr tits and nippes.

We lay quietly for awhile getting our breath back. I told them what a tremendous fuck it had been and they both agreed and said we must do it again sometime. We did !!!!!