Written by JP

9 Feb 2018

An old work colleague of mine, Jim, had got in touch, out of the blue, recently. He had moved away with work a few years ago but was back in the area as his widower father had been taken ill. We had a few nights out at the pub where he just poured his heart out about how his life had never seemed to work out how he had hoped despite having a reasonably decent job and earning good money. He'd never married despite coming close a couple of times and now seemed to have resigned himself at the age of 60 to remaining a life long bachelor - plus he was almost certainly about to lose his dad, so he wasn't in a great place. Jim was no great looker, but he was hardly a disaster zone either, nearly 6' tall and a little overweight, but he didn't smoke, didn't drink to much and, as I said, is solvent. I couldn't understand why he had never married and he did admit that he had pretty much given up on women although he did miss their company and was considering paying for an escort whilst he was away from his own home. I discussed all of this with my wife when I got back home - he was staying at his dad's house - and she felt really sorry for him, like me she couldn't understand why he hadn't married.

One day I was at work when I got the text message from him to say his dad had died and was there any chance I could call round and have a chat. I couldn't get away from the office so rang my wife and asked her to call round and check he was ok - to be honest I was a bit concerned about him. I headed home a few hours later, really just to get changed, check i with my wife and then to head over to his place and see what I could do to help. I got home around the same time as my wife and she looked slightly flustered to say the least. Her hair wasn't its usual immaculate self and there was something about her - it didn't take long for the penny to drop that she had a bit of a recently shagged look about her. I made a pass at her as we got inside the front door and she brushed me off saying she needed a shower which pretty much confirmed my thinking, so I followed her into the bathroom a couple of minutes after she'd gone in. She was already in the shower but her clothes were piled up on the floor and, hidden underneath, a pair of very sticky knickers. My cock nearly exploded and I was busy sniffing them as she opened the cubicle door and caught me.

Ah, she said, ah indeed I replied - presumably you've been comforting Jim slightly better than I could have done then? With that I wrapped her in a towel, took her by the hand and virtually dragged her into the bedroom where I proceeded to fuck her like a man possessed. She complained that she was a bit tender down below, but I was in no real mood to do anything other than give her a serious pounding - culminating in me firing a load down her throat. I didn't last long because I was just so turned on. As we lay there afterwards I asked her to tell me what had happened. It seems that over the past few weeks Jim had always been very complimentary to her about how she looked and she had caught him watching her a few times - it seems he particularly liked her bum. I'm not surprised, it is very peachy! She doesn't really know why she did it, but when I rang her and asked to call round she changed into her spray on jeans with knee length boots and a white, almost see through, blouse with lacy bra underneath. When she arrived he was clearly very upset so she made a pot of tea and they sat alongside each other of the sofa, just chatting.

After a while he began to cry and she put her arm round him and gave hi a hug. His head nestled neatly against her boobs and the water from his tears wet the front of her blouse making it even more see through. She claims that she went to kiss him on the top of his head but at that moment he came up for air from her boobs and the two of them kissed. It was more of a peck to begin with, but she felt something sort of burst within him and he was overcome with passion and clamped his lips onto hers and thrust his tongue deep down her throat. She admitted that she responded just as enthusiastically and in minutes he had her blouse off and had mauled her boobs free from her bra and was sucking away like a newborn. As she lay back into the corner of the sofa he kissed down her body, pausing only to remove her boots then ease her jeans and knickers down to gain access to her neatly trimmed fanny. He wasted no time on niceties, he unzipped, took out his cock and buried himself balls deep before pounding away for all he was worth. She found the whole situation so erotic that she felt herself coming almost as quickly as he did and they came together in earth shattering orgasms as he pumped gallons of cum deep inside her.

When they had calmed down, she led him up to his dad's bedroom and undressed him before settling into bed for the afternoon. Once he had got the initial blast out of his system it turned out he was actually a very considerate lover and reasonably well blessed in the trouser department. They ended up having sex in a number of positions, finishing with a very satisfying 69 before she dashed home - only to bump into me as she came through the door. As she told me all of this I had become rock hard again and insisted that she give me a blow job despite her protestations that her jaw ached - but it was that or back in her fanny and that was pretty red and sore by now. Over the course of the next few days and weeks we had a number of adventures with Jim and if I can find the time I'll try to write about them.