28 Mar 2016

hi completely true story,got some old friends we were very broad minded,have had same room sex many years ago,occured quite often after a few drinks at the pub,but no actual swapping.children all grown up now but they still visit,one day when we were on our own,he said it probably might never happen but would you like to fuck carole his wife,was taken aback but I immediately said yes,he then went on to say what he wanted me to do to her while he watched,and we both became very aroused,the women had gone shopping and i was near the computer so I put a bit of porn,he says its all right watching porn but I have to have a wank,i said not a problem I don't mind so he sat at the side of me and got his prick out it was big but I had had a glance before when we had fucked in the same room,i soon followed suit and there we were both having a good wank watching porn while he went into detail what I could do to his wife ,he then reached over and had a feel,followed by a quick suck which I must admit,all though straight I enjoyed very much,i didn't have chance to feel or suck him because we both came,it was very erotic to see him spunk all down his hand.a good time was had by all,just wondered if any one else had experienced, anything like this,i get a hard on just thinking about it.