Written by Seven

20 Mar 2007

I receieved and invite for an old pals stag do to take place in Spain with about 20+ blokes all staying in the one hotel complex. I expected to see M who used to live 4 or 5 doors away when we were growing up in the old neighbourhood, we both learnt about sex from his mum and dads porno video collection which later on led to mutual wanking sessions in local woods and at parents house wnen given the chance!!

Most of us arrived on Fri evening and after the Fri night out in bars I found myself sat with M by the pool bar on Sat afternoon. The conversation shifted quickly to the old days and we both admitted that we both still got a huge turn on thinking about the fun wwe used to have and that both of us hadnt taken our bi side any further in the future years. "why dont you get some tonic for the gin and meet me up in my room and we can carry on where we left off" suggested M, I laughed and slid off my stool on my way to get the tonics in!

Up in the room we pulled the curtains slighty, M sat on a chair by the dresser mixing the drinks while I sat on the edge of the single bed, "fuck this" I thought as I pulled down my swimming shorts to release my semi, cum coverd cock, "dont mind me" chuckled M as I slowly and with a very tight grip milked more cum out of my cock which was growing rock hard in my hand. "bring that over" M suggested so I stood up and walked over to him, he reached up, and with my cock at eye level began to slowly wank it whislt pulling down his shorts. His cock was exactly as I rememberd it, at least 2" bigger and a good deal thicker than mine with a slight bend and a small helmet which was somewhat out of proportion to the rest of the monster!!

"so you havent sucked a cock before?" probed M as I dropped to me knees between his legs,"not yet" I laughed and took his monster in my hand, I breathed hard and put the salty, glistening helmet to my lips as if i was kissing it, I rubbed it across my lips enjoying the smell, taste and feel, i opened my mouth and took my first ever cock into it, all the time slowly wanking his shaft which just produced more sweet tasting cum. M pulled his legs up and rested his heels on the edge of the chair which opened up his area nicely "feel my balls and ass if you like" suggested M, the sheer size of his cock meant i was gaging slightly with the result that his cock was covered in my spit which i used to lube his asshole up with before sliding my middle finger into his tight, hairy anus. M grunted and moaned a low approval as i fingered and sucked him in tandem. I took the cock from my mouth and looked him in the eye " you like your ass being fingered dont you, why dont you put some of that after sun on your hole so i can really finger you" i suggeste.I soon enough had 2 fingers sliding easily in and out of his relaxed asshole and had resumed my sucking, his relaxed buckng had the effect of helping me finger him whilst alsofucking my face, "ooohh...fuck" M murmered as he gripped the back of my head and released hot, thick spurts of cum into my mouth, gagging me as it hit the back of my throat. I swallowed his full load as I watched my fingers slowly leave his anus.

We rested up and enjoyed a few GnTs before M suggested I get on all fours for my turn....

Happy to share the rest of the afternoons fun if anybody is interested. ladys comments especially welcome