Written by my ex g/f

2 Oct 2012

Some years ago I re met and old childhood girl friend

We had had some knecking sessions but never gone the whole hog and I had not seen her for about 10 years.

She was now in her mid 20s and we chatted for a while and then decided we would meet again and take over where we left off.

Our next meeting we went for a meal, had a few drinks then ended up at my flat.

More drinks and she decided she was staying the night as we were both single still although I had been out with several women she had had only one boy friend who she said had never really been much good in the bedroom department has he only had a small penis.

So now both well oiled with booze we went to bed

We stripped and lay side by side, Icould feel her warm body and hear her heavy breating as I began to caress her

She soon responded and I spread her legs and fingered her gently feeling her wet warmth and then wriggled down and kissed her slit, licking and suckng her jiuces.

She writhed an moaned as I brought her to climax after climax.

Time for the big one so I slid upwards and put my prick to her entrance and eased forwards.

She stiffend as the first inch went in.

I pushed slowly again, she cried out.

Waiting, now about half of my prick in her she lay eyes wide open looked at me and told me she was still a virgin as the boy friend had never got in far enough to break her.

I looked at her and asked what she wanted.

She closed her eyes,kissed me hard then her hands went behind me and pulled me closer.

I took the hint and pushed slow but hard and she cried out as my full length went into her.

I lay still feeling her throbbing and twitching inside.

This soon brought me to the point where I could lay still no longer soi beghan to fuck her fast and deep, each thrust briging a whimper to her lips as sne still kissed me.

10 20 strokes and my prick burst inside her as my climax, the biggest and best for many months came.

We lay locked together for ages, her body holdingy prick in until I slackened off and slipped out.

During the night I took her again, she was so tight I was ready to cum before I was fully in but held off until she had been satisfied.

She stayed until she had to return to work a few days later by which time I was ready for a rest anyway.

We now meet whenever we can as we live at the oposite ends of the country, but when we do, boy oh boy do we have fun