Written by Jen's Hubby

31 Jul 2010

The events of this story took several days to unfold and it would not do it justice to hurry it.

I forgot to tell you yesterday:

I am 54 and very grey these days and medium build. 5’10”

Jenny is 54, Dark Brown short hair, 38E, 28, 38. 5’5”

Paul is 47, Dark Brown hair, medium to stocky build. 5’8”

Debbie is 42, Blonde hair but dark eyebrows, 36B, 32? 38? 5’2”

Filled with unnatural jealousy and anger I didn't get a lot of sleep on our first of seven nights on holiday. By morning I half disbelieved anything had happened at all. I found myself admonishing myself for being jealous. After all, I had long wanted Jen and Paul to get it on. On the other hand, this was done without my permission, knowledge or consent. I just didn't know if Jen had consented. I decided I would wait and see how they were with each other and if either would betray the secret liaison?

Jen got up without displaying unusual behaviour. We got ready for breakfast and a day at the beach as we had discussed the day before. We would only see Paul and Debbie at breakfast because they had planned to go shopping. I say they planned but I think we all know Debbie decided they were going shopping. Breakfast went without any strange behaviour except that I thought Paul was a little cockier and quite attentive toward Jenny than normal but that could have been an overactive imagination on my part. We agreed to meet for lunch and went our separate ways.

At the beach I flirted outrageously with Jen and got her to remove her bikini top. I had been secretly feeling her pussy via the left leg of her bikini thong which left her a little exposed. I reached to cover her but she pushed my hand away, leaned toward me and whispered that the man in front had noticed and she was enjoying the attention. I pretended to be surveying my surroundings and noted him lying face down on the lounger directly in front of Jen. With his arms folded across the top of his head; he, at first glance, appeared to be shielding the top of his head but was actually peering intently at Jenny's crotch. Jen for her part had found a way of pulling the crotch of her bikini thong to one side, significantly improving the view of her now fully exposed pussy to her voyeur. Although he was one of two men, both in their 30s, he did not alert his friend to his pink-lipped vista. In this light she looked shaven. However, it was not long before his friend discovered it for himself. As this part of the beach near the Marina was busy the close proximity of the rows of loungers reduced the possibility of traffic between Jen and her voyeurs. The distance from the foot of Jenny's lounger to the head of her main voyeur was no more than 70cm (2 feet). The distance from the voyeur's eyes to Jen's pussy was no more than 132cm (a little over 4 feet). No matter what position Jen adjusted to, her tits and pussy remained exposed until we went to lunch some hours later.

On our way to lunch Jen told me she was so turned on by those men looking at her fanny (as she calls it), had become so wet her inner lips had parted. She pretended to be too absorbed in her puzzle to notice one nudge the other to witness the extra exposure. She giggled as she added she had no intention of losing their interest and that it was a good job she had her towel on the lounger.

When we met with Paul & Debbie we noticed they had changed into beach wear. After lunch we all went another part of the beach where it was a little quieter and where there were four adjacent loungers. Jen went topless immediately at which point Debbie made sure she took the lounger next to Jenny. Paul took advantage of Debbie being next to Jen by sitting facing Debbie while all the time focused on Jenny's tits. This served only to annoy Debbie who promptly removed her bikini top, threw it onto her lounger and marched off along the beach. We looked at each other and then to a bemused Paul who just shrugged his shoulders. He sat on the side of the lounger keeping Jen in his sights while pretending to read a newspaper. He couldn’t have been more obvious if he had cut two eye holes in it, which amused Jenny.

Minutes later Debbie returned with an improvised tray of drinks. Paul daren't look in her direction for fear of being turned to stone as she set the tray down beside my lounger, gave me a lager in a plastic pint "glass". She leaned over me to place Jenny's pint in the sand between mine and Jenny's lounger. As she leaned over my head her left 36B nipple brushed my face and I couldn't resist the urge to take it between my lips. She did not react or resist until she had placed Jen's glass in the sand and even then she just gave me a playful slap on my head when she withdrew her wet nipple from my lips. "Naughty boy!" she said quietly. "I'm the typical dirty old man!" I told her with a grin. I loved the naughty little girl giggle she returned.

Until today I had never seen Debbie's tits and better than that held her left nipple in my lips for a few seconds as she pressed it gently to my face. Somehow, it took the sting out of last night. When she got back to their loungers I heard Paul's indistinct question and Debbie tell him I had said she had nice tits. She didn't tell him I sucked one. At least I didn't fuck your wife like you did Jenny I thought.

We went out that night until midnight but at the girls' insistence we went straight to our own rooms. Debbie's annoyance at Paul's voyeurism greatly helped the decision. Throughout the day I did not get the impression there was anything between Jen and Paul. If there was it was a closely guarded secret. For me it was a good day as I got to see Jen flash. Something she hasn’t done in some time. Paul's eagerness to carry on the evening was evident. Jen and I had great sex that night as she was horny from her flashing. For me it was a mixture of her flashing and knowing Paul had her last night. The jealousy and anger had waned if it had really been there at all. As I stroked Jen's breast I wondered if that was it?