Written by judy

25 Jul 2011

hi my name is Judy ,i am 38, have shoulder length blond hair , am a size 12 with nice 34d boobs and great legs , i am married to col who works away a lot.anyhow 2 weeks ago i decided to go shopping in town ,as it was a hot day i wore a pair of denim shorts ,to show off my legs and also top up my tan , i did a bit of looking in shops and decided to buy a pair of high heels. i was going past a pub i sometimes go in to get a drink of orange ,inside i saw an old man we know called Jim ,he is usually with his wife dotty. they are both in their seventies ,i sat next to him and asked where she was ,he told me she had gone to stay at there daughters for a few weeks.

anyhow ,as i was sat there he asked what i had bought ,so i showed him my shoes , he asked what they looked like on ,so i put them on and lifted my legs over his lap to show him , he said your legs look great in them and he placed his hand on my thigh and said they feel great to. he started to get aroused because i could feel him getting hard under the back of my legs ,it also felt big as well, i put my legs down and could see it through his trousers ,it must have been 10" long ,he noticed i had seen it and tried moving it ,but i said don't be embarrassed Jim most men a lot younger than you would love that ,i bet dotty does ,he said we haven't had sex in about 15 years now , i was getting aroused myself ,saying i had to go and might see you next week.

that night in the bath i lay back and noticed a can of deodorant what looked the same size as his cock ,i picked it up lay back and rubbed it on my pussy lips and as i got aroused i slowly slid it into me , soon i had about 8" in me and started having sex with it ,i was thinking of Jim's cock as i orgasm-ed with the can ,and decided that next week i would try to get the real thing.

a week later it was a hot day again so this time i put on my shortest denim skirt and with my new heels it came above mid thigh i put on a loose thin top no bra and a little white Lacey thong,with some make up i looked hot.

i went back to the pub and he was sat by himself again ,i went over and stood next to him ,when he saw me ,he looked me up and down saying god Judy i wish i was 40 years younger, i got a drink and sat next to him again , i said shall we move over there its a bit more secluded ,as we got up i noticed he was getting aroused again . in the corner i sat down first and as he moved in to sit down i touched his cock saying i bet i could have fun with that. he was embarrassed again so i took his hand and placed it on my leg , i said i have touched yours so you can touch me, he ran his hand up my thigh under my skirt and touched me inside my panties on my shaved now soaking wet pussy, i lent over a said lets go to your house, and 20 mins later we are sat in his living room, i made the first move, i stood up and took off my panties,showing him my pussy ,i knelt down and undid his trousers ,pulled them down with his boxers and his cock sprang up ,it was bigger and fatter than i thought i could not get my hand around it, i asked where the bedroom was and with it been a bungalow he pointed to the door .i went in took off my top but left on my skirt and heels ,i shouted for him ,and he came in naked ,his belly was hanging down but his cock was like a flagpole . he lay on the bed ,so i started sucking it then got on top and slowly lowered myself down on him , it was a tight fit at first but as i got wetter it was much easier, the size of it in me made me orgasm right away and as i rode him he also said he was cumming, i lifted off him and wanked him to orgasm ,15 years of come left him it went all over me i even took some in my mouth .

as we lay there he told me he had lots of viagra in the cupboard so i went and got him two he took them saying it would take a while to work ,after about 10 mins we got into a 69 position him licking me and i sucked him to hard again , this time he got on top and fucked me really hard,i came and came ,then he asked if he could fuck my ass, i have never done that but i said yes ,got into the doggy position ,he entered my pussy then pulled out and rubbed my`ass with the juices he then pushed his thumb into my ass as he fucked me , he then rubbed his fat cock at my ass and slowly pushed into me ,god it hurt,i pushed my face into the pillow as his full length entered me , and as i got used to it ,he fucked my ass as i played with myself having orgasm after orgasm , he was soon cumming himself ,i could feel his hot come in my ass ,we had sex for a good two hours before i went home well and truly fucked and sore,cant wait till next time if his wife dosnt come home