Written by sue

2 Jul 2017

this happened just over a week ago when the weather was hot , my name is sue 36 married with a good body , last week

on a very hot day I had gone into town , that day I wore a denim mini skirt , quite short to top my tan up ,with my 5" heels and t shirt top with no bra . after a bit of shopping I dropped into a pub we use for a drink , jim an old man we know was sat there so I sat with him , he is a big man in his 70s and a bit of a dirty minded old sod . anyhow we are sat there for about 30 mins and the place is empty , we don't live far apart from each other so he said shall we go near my place it might be a bit more lively ,so of we went to the bus stop . our bus came that was also nearly empty and jim said lets sit upstairs , after you he said , he let me go first then after I had gone up about 5 steps he followed , I looked down and he was looking up my skirt , at the top I noticed the top deck was empty , I looked down at him and for a joke I said here look ,and lifted my skirt , he smiled walked past me and went to the back of the bus and sat down , I went and sat next to him and he said you shouldn't have shown me your panties , I might be old but it still works , the dirty old sod had an hard on , I said what because you saw these and lifted my skirt again , he looked and said god sue if only I was younger. I took his hand and put it on my thigh , I said play with your self while you touch me , he looked around ,took his cock out , it was a decent size and rock hard , he put his hand back on my thigh ,sliding it up and down as he rubbed his cock , then he went higher to my pussy ,his hand slipped inside my panties and inside me , he fingered me as he wanked and I came , I said let me do it , I took him in my mouth , god I was sucking an old man on a bus while he touched my pussy , he said don't make me come I want to go to mine go to bed and fuck you , so we did , we went straight to bed I didn't even undress ,he licked me out still in my skirt and heels took his trousers down and fucked me , he lasted quite a while and when he did come , there was loads of it , that much when he pulled out ,it ran down my ass onto the bed . he was not even finished he went to the bathroom brought back a Viagra and took it , and 30 mins later he was hard again this time he went a lot longer but couldn't come again , I stayed there for 4 hours before walking home . no doubt we will do it again