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Old lady and the taxi driver

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I've got to tell you about something I saw yesterday morning that got me incredibly horny and wonder if I should feel bad about it?

It's just a short one but here goes, I'd appreciate any feedback or messages to expand on what you think was going on or what the hell happened.

I was walking my dog up the street when an old lady, probably around late sixties came out of her front door with a crutch. I have a bit of a penchant for mature ladies so was admiring her from a distance. Obviously still in good nick despite the crutch. White hair styled nice and bit of make up red lipstick but (unfortunately) definately not tarty. Still quite shapely like I say, not unattractive at all. Anyway she walked along then her taxi pulled up and this is the bit that got me. The guy got out and opened the back door for her but then to my amazement as he helped her in he was obviously sort of groping her. He was behind her with his hands sort of caressing slyly either side of her arse/hips and she must have known. Definately disguised as a helping hand but was absolutely a fondling move. She seemed to not mind and I'm sure took her time bending into the car. The dirty old bugger driver looking around as he rubbed his crotch against her. For some reason I started getting a hard on and had to disguise it. I'm maybe describing it poorly but was such a turn on imagining her old cunt getting moist as she felt his dirty semi hard cock slowly rubbing against her arsehole through her light trousers she had on. I'm sure she was enjoying this attention even though the guy was to put it mildly a bit of a mess. God knows why but I had to wank myself when I got in just thinking how dirty this was.

Anyway hope this never bored you, I'm loving the stories on here and have many exploits which I may put down in the future. Get in touch if you want.

Written by yo_yo47

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