Written by Physio

10 Sep 2016

My wife has just come home and confessed she's had sex with another man at work...

We have talked about swinging but I never thought she would do anything until now.

She works in the nhs as a physio and deals mainly with old male clients.

One old man who was in his eighties was due some physio treatment and she went round to his house to massage his legs to help him walk again.

This done he exposed his old cock to her saying he's had an erection for days now and it won't go down.

My wife said the best thing to do is cum then it will go down.

Long story short

She ended up straddling the eighty year old. She did however say don't cum inside me as I'm not on the pill and my husband and I are trying for a baby.

Needles to say he couldn't hold back and shot years worth of old man cum right up into her womb.

She came home and told me this, undressing in front of me whilst the old mans cum was running down her legs.

Start licking she said. I tried my best to lick the old cum out of her but there was too much.

I better cum in you too I said so that at least the baby could be mine!

You can't she said. I know I'm fertile and ovulating but my fanny is too sore. He had such a big cock for an old man. I'm sure he penetrated my cervix.

I had to wait over a week before I came inside her.

She's got to visit him again soon

Who wants more?