6 Oct 2015

I've taken early retirement so I have more time now to go to the gym. I have found since I retired that a lot of older people go in the morning and as I tend to always use the same locker, and so do others, I have got to know a couple of the old boys. Been chatting to one now for about 6 months and found that he is a keen photographer. I asked him if he had ever done any glamour shots and he said no but it is his dream.

Dave said he is 67 but has a fit body, and from what I saw a large thick cock with huge dangly balls. I am not in the least bit bi but when you're in men's changing rooms you do tend to notice. Us older guys do not seem worried about walking about naked whereas a lot of the younger ones act like they are on a public beach when getting dressed after a shower.

I chatted to Dave about his photos and said that my wife was interested in doing having some done. I have to say that I discovered this site by accident and she was never interested in joining in anything like this. She is in her early 40s, about 5'2, shoulder length blonde hair, a nice curvy size 12 figure with a hint of a belly, but keeps herself fit by cycling to work. She is very pretty and still turns heads as she likes to wear nice fitting clothes that show off her curvy figure. She has huge nipples that stick out even when they're not hard and of course shaves her puss.

Once I had got him interested then the next thing was to convince her to let him take some photos. She has been quite receptive in the past when I suggested that she had some nice sexy shots done just for us.

After a couple of weeks discussion she agreed but said that I was not to be there as she would be embarrassed about doing sexy underwear shots. Not what I wanted but I agreed and arranged with Dave a time when I was out for the day and it was her day off from work.

The day came and I went out to visit a friend whilst Dave took the shots. .......forward to that evening.

He had put the photos on my laptop and they were of her in nice tops and short skirts with some a bit more risky showing tops of holdups. A few were of her in her underwear and some without her bra but arms across her chest. The most daring was a side view of her tits with her hands over her nipples. I was a bit disappointed but as she was as horny as hell that night I was very happy. I couldn't remember her being that horny for years.

She told me that there were a few extra photos but they were deleted as they were not very good quality.

The next day when she was at work I went onto my laptop and used an undelete program to find the other photos. It took a couple of hours to search the hard drive but found another 100 or so extra photos from the ones I had seen.

I was absolutely stunned, but also delighted to find that these were of her naked with close ups of her tits and pussy and also with her playing with herself. Some showed her face and it looked as if she was cumming. I was as hard as I had ever been in my life as I looked through the photos. Then as I looked at the last few they were of her pussy which had been well and truly fucked and with spunk leaking out.

When she got in that night I managed to remain silent and then in bed I opened the folder to show her what I had found. She was really upset that I had found them and apologised saying she got carried away. I told her that it didn't matter and it was the horniest thing I had ever seen. I wanted her to tell me about it.

It had started quite innocently and she had just been wearing her sexy clothes and underwear. He suggested some underwear shots and she agreed as she thought I would like that. She had never taken her clothes off in that way in front of another man and found that she loved it when she was half naked and he was looking at her. Her underwear was quite see through and a couple of times she knew he could see her pussy through them. This turned her on even more and when she saw the bulge in his trousers when he adjusted it once, she said that she suddenly got really horny. A couple of times she had seen him rub himself through his trousers when he thought she wasn't looking and she found herself getting wet. She said it looked big but wasn't sure through his trousers.

He started to move her to positions and touched her tits a couple of times when doing so. Then he suggested some topless shots which by this time she wanted to do. She took off her bra and instantly her nipples were hard and sticking out. She said he turned away but she could see him rubbing his bulge. She suggested taking off her pants and he put her in all sorts of poses moving her legs with his hand glancing her pussy.

He asked if he could do close ups of her pussy and she laid back on the edge of the sofa and she let him get between her legs. She knew he could see her wetness and asked her to open it slightly. She touched herself and said it just seemed so natural to rub herself. He openly rubbed his cock through his trousers and asked if he could get it out. Once he'd done that she said he just took his trousers and pants off and she said it was big and fat and she had never seen such a big pair of balls.As he got between her legs again he knelt up to photograph her tits and his cock touched her pussy. She never moved but he pushed forward slightly and the tip went in. She didn't say anything so he pushed his cock all the way in and she said she could feel his balls against her legs. He continued taking photos as he thrust into her and she said as he was so big that she could feel him all the way to the top of her pussy. After a few minutes she said that she had a really nice cum that she felt all over her body. He took pictures of her face as she came. He then put the camera down and just fucked her hard for about 5 minutes until he came in her. All the time she could feel his balls banging against her and she reached down and managed to hold them. She said that he seemed to go on for ages and it felt really warm as he groaned really loudly and he shot into her. He collapsed on her and then when recovered took some more photos of the cum leaking out.

By this time I was on top of her and just couldn't control myself as I came in her.

I said that I had enjoyed the fact that another man had made her cum and if she wanted to she could see him again. She said he had asked her to but she had told him no as it shouldn't have happened. He had written his number on a piece of paper but she had thrown it in the bin. I asked if she wanted to and she said she would but felt really guilty. I said it's not a problem and told her to get the paper out of the bin.

I am now waiting to see what happens. Dave never mentioned anything other than he thinks she enjoyed the photos and did I like them. She has texted him and they are arranging another day when she is off work. No camera this time.