13 Oct 2015

Following on.......

I had seen Dave a few times at the gym and he had not mentioned what had happened at all, and my wife (Katherine) had told me not to mention that I knew. She had texted him a few times and Dave had said that he would like to be able to spend a bit of time with her, maybe a whole morning.

She had arranged to go to his house early one day telling him that I often get called into my old job even though I am retired. He was a widower so he had nobody there to account for. He also told her that she was the first person he had had sex with in over 10 years as his wife had been ill for a long time before she died.

The day was arranged and she left wearing very sexy clothes, short skirt, chiffon top, hold ups, no underwear and high heels. God she looked bloody sexy as hell. We had been playing before she left and had made herself nearly cum a couple of times but then stopped. So when she left the house she was soaking wet and as horny as I had ever seen her. She kept talking about his big cock and his huge balls which she wanted to lick and suck. I had never heard her talk like that before even though we have always been very adventurous and tried most things.

It was only 8 in the morning when she left and she drove the short distance to his house. I got a text as she arrived to say she was there and I was left very high but definitely not dry. I did what every man in that situation would do and had a good rub of my cock. I knew she would want more when she got home and I would not last if I kept myself waiting all that time.

About 2 hours later she texted me to say she was in the car and about to leave. I asked how it went but got no reply. I only had to wait 10 minutes before she arrived home and as I had stayed in bed she came up the stairs and into the bedroom. Her hair looked a bit disheveled and as she sat on the bed I could smell the sex on her. She got into bed dressed and told me what happened.

She arrived at his very nice and clean house (that was important to her) and he led her into the lounge where they stood kissing for about 10 minutes. She could feel his hard cock against her but neither of them touched anything intimate. He then took her up the stairs into his bedroom and they kissed and slowly undressed each other. He put his fingers in her and she came withing seconds as she was so horny. His cock felt warm against her tummy and touched the bottom of her tits as he is quite tall and it was so long. They laid on the bed and he just got on top of her and stuck his cock straight in her.

He was very gentle and his thrusting was very slow and he used the whole length in and out of her. She said that she really wanted him to fuck her hard and really feel his big cock using her. (her words) After she had cum a couple of times very quickly he pulled out and got behind her.

She said for an old guy he was very fit and kept going for ages and just fucked her long and slow for ages. She felt his big balls banging against her and put her hand underneath to feel them. She said that she loved the feeling of holding them and had never really thought about big balls before. She had a couple of orgasms, when he started really thrusting hard, holding onto her hips. She was gasping and making lots of noise and he suddenly groaned out very loudly and thrust hard into her as he came. She could feel his warm spunk filling her and this made her cum with what she described as 'the most violent cum I'd ever had' It just seemed to spread quickly all over her body and she said it was as powerful as she had ever experienced, but also seemed to totally overcome her to the extent that she felt a little faint.

By this time she was sitting on me and was fucking me as she told me about him. She felt very wet and slippery and I enjoyed the new sensation. At that point she had a huge cum and cried out loudly and shook violently. I came just after her and she collapsed on me. I think we may have slept for a while, maybe minutes, maybe seconds, but we were both drained.

After we had both got our breath back she said that after he had cum in her he had got hard very quickly so thought he had probably taken viagra or similar. She played with his cock and his balls , licking them and trying to get them into her mouth, which he loved. They chatted about his lack of sex and decided that she would see him maybe once a month if it fitted in.

Just before she left she sucked and licked his cock as he stood by the bed and he came in her mouth as she massaged his balls in both hands.

I had a few pangs of jealousy that another man had satisfied her so well, but also happy for her that she had enjoyed it so much. She seems to be constantly horny and we sometimes have sex twice a day. Well she uses me for sex twice a day......

I have told this as I remember her telling me. I don't think I will be writing any more about her meetings with Dave. Hope you enjoy 'our story'. I know I did and hopefully she will continue to enjoy him and he enjoy her.