15 Feb 2018

My wife and I were into a bit of bondage.

I had her tied up bent over our bed shagging her from behind. She was loving it. Her pussy was soaking wet and she was moaning for me to cum inside her. She was also blindfolded which was my idea.

I'd already arranged 2 old men to be hiding in our en suite.

I took a break from shagging her doggy style. I pulled out of her slick hole and she told me to get back in she was near orgasm.

I then quietly motioned for the old guys to come out. The first was 78 years old with heavy balls. He rubbed his cock on my wife's wet pussy and slid inside bareback. My missus was loving this. She thought it was me.

Cum inside me she groaned. The old guys balls were slamming off her clit and she shivered in orgasm as the 78 year old ejaculate inside her unprotected pussy.

We were trying for a baby so my wife thought it was me filling her womb with semen not an old man.

The old guy withdrew and stood back to let his 82 year old pal have a go.

He was a bit flaccid as he rubbed his cock on my wife's pussy from behind but my wife thought it was me getting ready for round 2.

She fingered her pussy and rubbed some of the sperm over the 82 years old guys cock.

Come on she muttered. Fill me up with sperm again. I'm ovulating right now.

The 82 year old was now hard at the thought of impregmating my young wife.

He slid inside and only lasted 30 seconds before emptying a huge ball sack into her. His cock kept twitching inside her. His sperm was leaking out the side of her fanny but most of it was in her womb.

I had been masturbating whilst watching this it was so erotic. I couldn't stop myself ejaculatinģ over the carpet instead of inside my wife.

Oh well.

The 82 year old withdrew from my wife and a long strong of sperm dangled between their genitals. I ushered them out the house quietly then went back into the bedroom to untie my wife.

She told me to insert a special cap up her canny before moving to keep all "my" sperm close to her cervix.

As I pushed it in my fingers got covered in the old men's sperm. It smelt strong and their was loads spilling out down her inside leg.

I didn't shag her for days after that.

She straddled me naked and over my erect cock pulled out the sperm cap from her fanny.

Here's "your" sperm back she said.

A ton of stale old man sperm dribbled out of her cervix over my cock.

This was too much...

I rammed my cock into her slick fanny and seconds later had cum inside her.

She's now pregnant and I don't know who the father is but my missus thinks it's me.

She wants to play more blindfold games whilst she's pregnant.

Should we?

Would there be any guys in their 70s or 80s here who would be up for that? Get in touch.