Written by dirtydave

7 Jun 2007

this incident happened about 8 years ago with my wife ,who at the time would have

been about 28 years old . my wife at the time and still is ,is 5 foot 5 "tall,has blonde hair , a 34 23 35 figure tanned and great legs . we used to live 3 doors away from an old man called john ,he was a widower and was about 78 years old maybe older . we used to see him in the local pub and sometimes go back to his house for a drink before going home .anyhow on this night ,it was one of the wifes friends birthday so we had gone out with her for a drink around the town.the wife was wearing a dress like gina g wore ,it was a see through knitted ,short white one and underneath she wore a pair of white shorts that came with it ,she also wore a pair of white stilettos. later we got a taxi home and just as we pulled up at our house john was going up to his and he shouted out to go for a drink ,but i said i didnt feel like one and we went in . we went to bed and just as we were about to get in the wife said that she might go for a drink with john so for a laugh i said just take your shorts off and you can go ,so she did and you could see through her dress and just about see her shaved pussy. 20 mins after she had gone i decided to go and find her,so i went to johns but the door was locked ,the tv was on loud and the curtains were shut ,so i went around the back .but it was all locked up . i looked through the conservatory and could see them both through the blinds but because it was light inside and dark out they couldnt see me .the wife was sat opposite john, and i could see that her legs were apart and he could see up her dress which was pulled quite high up her thighs.then i saw him stand up and walk over too her and i could see he had a hard on under his trousers.when he got to her she lent forward and started stroking it through his trousers,he then took her hand and led her to the stairs, so i went to the window and saw them going up them ,she was in front and he was 3 steps down behind her with his hands up her dress .they entered his bedroom and i saw the light go on . i could not get in so i looked around and found a short ladder,put it up and climbed up ,it was to short but i just about got high enough to see in ,and by now ,john was laid on the bed naked with a good 8" hard on and the wife was still dressed sat next to him wanking him , she then started sucking him off and he was laid there with his eyes closed and his hand up her dress on her pussy she then stopped ,lay down and he went down on her ,licking her pussy and fingering her ass.she then got him to lay on his back ,straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock and because i was behind i could see it as she slid up and down it i could also see when he came because he clenched his fists and she bent forward when her orgasm hit her .afterwards she took off her dress and lay next to him with one leg over him and his cock in her hand .they lay there for a good 20 mins then started again ,this time with him on top,only he fucked her a lot harder for a good 10 mins he also sucked her tits and kissed her and i think she had a few more orgasms. i went home and she came home about 2 hours later ,she told me what had happened and that he had also fucked her arse and she could not believe that a man 50 years older could make her come so much .she also said she might go some more times