Written by julie

16 Feb 2010

Back in the mid 90s my husband Ian and I bought an 30`s property in need of renovation on the other side of the street was a huge house with lovely gardens which had been converted into private retirement homes. As we renovated Ron used to pass by on his daily walk and chat if he saw us. Ron was tall very slim slightly receding grey hair with a rougish smile and we figured mid 60`s. After we renovated we started on the garden and Ron always seemed to be passing when I was there to stop and chat. Ian started to joke that Ron was my stalker and he only stopped so he could ogle my tits. My tits are 36ff and Ian loves nothing better than to stick his cock between them and wank of and watch his spunk splash over my face and mouth and I get really turned on watching him cum.

It was a hot summers day I was dressed in a a pair of shorts a bit on the tight side and a vest top which with the heat was sticking to me. I never wear underwear except when I go to work so every crack and crevice was visible my tits making large damp patches on my top. I looked up and there was Ron looking straight down my top, he coloured and started speaking but his eyes kept on straying back to my tits. Ian shouted come on in I have made us cold drinks bring Ron in. As I passed Ian he said is he letching grinning I nodded. We sat in the shade I sat opposite Ron legs open so he could see the outline of my fanny against the material of my shorts and I kept on pulling on my top saying how sweaty I was, Ian ran his hand up my thigh saying I did look a bit hot and bothered poor Ron did not know where to look to mesmerised by how high up my thigh Ian`s hand was going. At that I stood up said I was going to change, I stood behind the door listening to them and heard Ron say what a lovely wife I was. Ian laughed saying if you mean she has great tits Ron that`s okay many men have lusted after them and I am not the jealous type. I changed into a short summer dress again no underwear and appeared with a bottle of wine. Into the second bottle of wine Ron told us he was ex Merchant Navy and been widowed for 5 years which is when he moved over the road. Ian said he bet he could tell afew stories about his days at sea, Ron said not really for ladies ears. I said I am not easily shocked.

He told us he almost gave up after his first training voyage as most of the crew was gay and was always geting propositioned, we of course wanted to hear more, so, he shared his cabin with another trainee who wanked every night in front of him. Ron tried to ignore him but the sounds of his groans as he came Ian admited sometimes made him hard. One night to get away from it he went on deck only to come across a pair of crew members shagging each other he knew he shouldn`t watch but he was horny and stood quietly till they finished. As he turned to leave they spotted him and grabbed his arm pulling him into the corner they had occupied. Ithink this little virgin wants to join in Ron said he tried to pull away but one of the men felt his cock which was rigid, he pulled his zip down and despite Ron`s protest pulled his cock out and roughly started to wank it the other crew member dropped to his knees taking Ron`s cock in his mouth. Now I thought I was hetrosexual but this man sucking on my cock was so pleasurable that I just let the sensations go there course and soon I was spunking in the guys mouth. Ron said he was so ashamed at what happened he almost gave up the merchant navy then and there. As he said over the years of course I can put it in context now, things happen and you live with it. Years later he told his wife what happened and she wasn`t shocked and told him that in her last year at school she had a crush on a friend that they had kissed and fondled each other but it ran its course and it is part of life.

Listening to all this made Ian and I very horny and I started to stroke his thigh his arm around me stroking the side of my breast flicking at my nipple. Ian rose to go saying how much he enjoyed our company he bent to kiss me goodbye I opened my mouth giving him a full on kiss our tongues entwined pressing my body against him the old sod had a real boner, I teased a bit rubbing myself against him eventually letting him go. Ian of course watching a sly grin on his face.

After he left Ian pulled up my dress his fingers straight to my wet pussy close your eyes pretend it is Ron`s fingers in you. As Ian fucked me that night I wondered what it would be like to fuck Ron???? Ian told me to go for it and eventually it did happen but that is another story.