Written by the ferryman

16 Feb 2009

i am 34 and my wife is 27 she is good looking with a 35 25 35 figure ,long legs and shoulder length blonde hair. she keeps fit by going to the gym ,wears very little when we go out and keeps her pussy shaved.

we know this old man called james ,we call him jim, he is 77 we know this because his birthday is on the same day as the wife\\\'s mother. anyhow ,last week he came into a bit of money,not a lot about 800 pound and because we help him out a bit he offered to take us on a trip to Amsterdam on the ferry.

we had a good night on the ferry and next day as we walked around Amsterdam we had a few drinks and decided to look in some of the shops including the sex shops .in one of the sex shops sue bought a little lycra dress and a dildo and i bought a few dvds and some poppers.we went back to jim who we had left in a pub and showed him what we had bought.

later we went back to the ferry got back to our separate cabins and told jim we would get changed and go for something to eat, we spent about 4 hours drinking ,and we were a bit drunk apart from jim who wasnt. we went back to jims cabin for some more drinks ,and after about half an hour i said to sue ,go get the things we bought and bring them back, and off she went. ten mins later there was a knock on the door and when jim answered it ,sue was stood there wearing the dress she had bought, it was clinging to her ,in her heels it was about 5 inches below her ass cheeks and you could tell she had nothing under it. she came and sat next to me and jim sat opposite us,then she took the dildo out of her hand bag and said ,what do you think of this,jim looked at it and said i bet mine is bigger than that, sue said i bet it isnt, went and sat next to him,and started undoing his trousers, jim made no attempt to stop her,and soon his trousers and underpants were round his ankles .she took hold of his cock and soon it was rock hard and it was bigger.it must have been 10\\\" and thick. jim looked across at me and sue started sucking him and wanking him, as i started undressing and getting hard sue told him to lick her out ..i started wanking watching them,then she got jim to lay back and she straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock and soon they were fucking.after a few mins,she stood up and took her dress off and he stripped as well,then she lay back,jim got between her legs and started fucking her ,and for an oldman he had some go in him.he fucked her hard and fast and sue was saying god its fucking big i am comming all the time , jim then said he was and he pulled out ,moved to her mouth and sprayed bucket loads of come into her mouth and on her face.

we all sat round for about half an hour and soon we were ready again. this time we both fucked her together then we sat and watched her fuck herself with the dildo.

next day we were home and i told jim it could happen again