Written by Julian

10 Jun 2013

Her panties were high cut lace and black satin, hugging her prominent bald pubic mound, outlining her tight sex slit, and making a pretty vee shape between the pretty ribbons of a matching suspender belt. Sheer silk seamed stockings pulled the six suspender straps tightly over her slender thighs. Even after she covered these exquisite lust provoking undies with a matching fitted full slip, the outline of her pretty panties and suspenders was clearly in view. With all her make up on, she looked as innocent and vulnerable as an angel.

A famous feminist who I had best not name, once posed the question during one of her many TV appearances,, as part of an on - going declamation about male desire. ‘You have to ask, who’s he fucking, you or the basque?’

The answer is that he is fucking the woman in the basque. It would take too long to explain this and to most men it needs no explanation. What women wear, however beautiful, does a great deal to excite us. Pretty clothes enhance the image and illusion of a woman’s desireable innocence.

But why I get excited by he thought and knowledge of other men seeing my 49 year old wife so sexually provocative in her fine clothes, and them seeing her strip to her expensive lingerie, I do not know. Nor do I know why I like knowing that men see her like this and go on to fuck her well proportioned size 8 self, so selfishly and without mercy.

When I see her blonde hair spread like a halo on our pillow and look into her big blue eyes, I wonder what she is thinking when other men make her cum and whether I have helped sell her to the devil as a mature escort, ostensibly for extra money but really because I wanted it to happen.

If this story, so often and similarly told by others is of interest, then I will write more about how my wife works for a cheap escort agency catering for the most seedy of clients, including old men, blacks, Pakistanis and sex starved aggressive men just out of jail.

It was one of the latter group that she was dressing for when I described her in her exquisite lingerie, which she then covered up by donning a tight blue satin knee length skirt, matching jacket and four inch patent leather heels. I know it is an old story and sex starved cash strapped middle class housewives have been doing such things since catering for the troops during World War One.