Written by joanne

5 Sep 2015

I told you about wilf on the 19th august ,an old man I was having sex with.

well one night a week later , I was having a night in when my friend Lynne turned up with a bottle of wine . lynne is

quite a good looking 27 years old blonde , we settled down drinking ,and after finishing hers I got a couple of bottles

out , being a bit tipsy later we got talking about daft stuff when I blurted out about me and old wilf , I told her about

after we went out the other week I went back and met the old man in the bar ,she asked for more details ,about how

big how good etc so I told her ,I also mentioned the bit about him looking at lesbian porn and school uniforms , more

drinks and we both fell asleep , next morning before she left she asked if I was working ,I told her Thursday night ,she

smiled and left.

Thursday night I am at work , I had just bathed wilf ,he had taken his pills ready for later , all I had on was my tunic

wilf went to bed ,when there was a knock on the door, I opened it and there was lynne , I was shocked , she was wearing

a coat and carrying a bag , she handed me the bag and said look inside , I did and there was clothes in it , she opened

her coat and she was wearing a little school girl out fit, heels, knee high white socks ,a very small skirt and white top,

she said put yours on ,so I did ,I must say we looked dirty. at that wilf shouted down , so I went up and when he saw

me his eyes lit up ,and his cock started twitching , I walked over got on the bed and started playing with it ,while he

played with my pussy , all of a sudden the door opened and in walked lynne dressed the same , he said god ,get

over here girl ,so she did ,the three of us on the bed , I sat back and let them play, she was kissing him and wanking

him , he soon had her on her back ,her top open , he got between her tanned thighs and started fucking her

she was soon coming and so was I as I masturbated watching them , wilf let out a groan as he came in her , he knelt up

and said come on jo pointing to lynne , so we looked at each other then just smiled and got into 69 position ,and for

the first time I made love to a woman and one made love to me we licked each other , i licked wilfs come out of her

then moved up and kissed her passing his come into her mouth , I kissed her down her body to her pussy ,then as I

licked her wilf got behind me and entered me ,fucking me as I ate her smooth pussy , for nearly 2 hours the three of us

made love in numerous positions , him naked and us 2 still in skirts, knee socks and heels , wilf went soft ,me and

lynne had sex with each other and we all fell asleep,

we woke at about 3 am lynne and wilf had sex ,then she said she had to go ,her husband would wonder where she was,

we kissed and off she went ,

she came around next day saying what a time she had and that she could not believe that a man 50 years older than

her could do what he did,

keep watching for updates