Written by joanne

29 Jul 2015

my name is Joanne ,I am a married woman ,38 years old ,with shoulder length light brown hair ,a size 12 with a large firm bust . I work in a care home , and some of the old men are randy bastards , one of them ,wilf, a 78 year old is the worst ,he is always trying to get his hands somewhere , and the worst thing is ,he has an enormous cock which is nearly always hard , I have bathed him a few times and ,he always wanks as I wash him , and I must admit that some times I have finished him off ,. some nights he sneaks out through his French doors and goes to a pub around the corner .

I have often thought about how far I would go with him ,and some times in the bath I masturbate thinking about what it would feel like , would it hurt etc . anyhow ,two weeks ago I found out . it was his birthday , and the day before in his room he told me he was going to sneak out to the pub later for a drink or two . that night I was going out with a couple of friends so I arranged to meet them in the same pub , I thought what to wear , and decided to wear a dress I have , it is quite short and thin ,with spaghetti straps and backless . I couldn't wear a bra with it , but I wore a little pair of white lacy panties ,and 4" heels.

we all met at about 8 , jill and lynne also wore their sexy dresses , any how we had a few cocktails , and about 9-30 wilf walked in, the pub was not that full and when he saw me ,he came straight across , I introduced him ,each girl giving him a little birthday kiss , our plan was to go to other pubs , so I told wilf we were going ,he was sat down the girls were outside and as I bent over to tell him ,he put his hand on my leg and slid it up my thigh , I never stopped him ,I let him touch my pussy and I nearly came. I said I had to go ,and he asked if I would come back later.

off we went ,come midnight we ordered a taxi ,dropping the girls off ,instead of going home I went back to the pub .wilf was sat there with a pint ,so I got a drink and sat with him , the bar was nearly empty and where we were sat ,was out of the way in a quiet corner , I was sat opposite him when he patted the seat next to him saying it was more comfy , as soon as I sat down his hand was on my knee and because my dress was short he had a lot of leg to touch ,last orders went , I said I had to get a taxi home ,but he said come on I have a bottle in my room ,so I went. back in his room he said now I can have a good look at you ,that dress is sexy ,he stood behind me touching my bare back ,then moved his hands round the front to my tits ,he caressed them until my nipples were hard ,he kissed my neck,then spun me round and kissed me on the mouth, then he moved back ,undressed and sat on the bed with a massive hard on ,I stood in front of him ,he lifted my dress and pulled my panties off ,then pulled me on the bed , he lay back and I straddled him ,lowering myself on him ,as I sat on him I took my dress off and fucked him ,I made that much noise we had to turn the radio on and lock the door, we had sex for a good 40 mins at one point I got on all fours while he fucked me doggy style ,and then did some thing I had never done before , he put Vaseline on my bum and his cock and fucked me anally . five orgasms later I went home ,I told him he cant tell anyone ,and he told me not to worry .

since then he hasn't fucked me but I have wanked him off and he has licked me ,but it wont be long I am back on nights next week