Written by Martyboy

24 Jul 2007

I have to write and tell you all of a meeting that both myself and wife had recently. It was an unexpected meeting with a neighbour of ours who lives in our street but we only know to say hello to. We met her after booking into an hotel for the weekend and was surprised to see her there. Apparently she often books the hotel for a weekend getaway.

Anyway after our evening meal that night we retired to the hotel lounge and ordered some drinks for both myself and Deb. We were there chatting when the lady cameover and asked if she could join us to which we replied \"of course please do\".Her name is Sarah and we discussed pleasantries and the things that were happening in the street etc. Deb got up to visit the ladies and this left both myself and Sarah on our own. We continued to chat and I couldn\'t help but notice how attractive she was and on Debs return pointed this out to which my wife agreed. It worked out she was 58 years of age and considerably older than Deb and myself who are 45. cut a long story short the night continued and a few more drinks were taken and as usual the subject got around to sex and how Sarah hadn\'t done anything for a while etc. I looked at Deb and it has always been a fantasy of mine to have two ladies but like most men it has stayed a fantasy.

I thought to myself that I could take advantage of this and started to ease the conversation that way. well I was quite startled from the response from both ladies when it seemed that coupled with the drink and sexual talk they seemed up for it so we retired to our room. Inside things started slowly with more chat and nervousness from all parties but once we had kissed and fondled and managed to undress each other in a fashion things started to hot up. I have to say that Sarah had a body that would have looked good on a younger woman and for her age she looked fantastic. She and Deb were on the bed feeling each others breasts and kissing lightly. This turned me on as I never thought I would see my wife with anyone let alone another woman.I decide to makemy move and pulled Sarah around so that her attractive arse was faceing me and I pushed my hard cock against her lips of her now wet pussy and she let out a moan of appreciation as she was licking at Debs hot wet pussy. I continued to thrust hard into her and she was by now bucking back towards me as if to get my cock deeper into her, I couldn\'t keep it up and let out a cry of fuck I\'m cumming as I emptied my balls full of spunk into her hot pussy.

Deb and Sarah continued to make love to each other as I watched as Deb licked out my cum from Sarahs pussy and then kissed Sarah with her spunk filled mouth. The night continued for another hour with the ladies taking it in turns to finger and fuck each other with dildos and with me watching and enjoying every minute. To have a woman who is 58 years of age and fucks like a 40 year old is fantastic

Both Deb and I can\'t believe that we could have so much fun with someone who we have only known to say hello to. Well there have been other times since but in the comfort of our own homes and wouldn\'t the street like to know what goes on behind no 2 and no 9.