Written by rosemarierae

12 Sep 2018

I am 22, this was last year so I must have been 21, I was visiting a friend in New Zealand and stopped over for a few days in Beijing by myself. I stayed in a luxury 5 star hotel and had the most marvellous time utilising all the amenities, including the roof top pool, the spa and the many bars.

I kept seeing this older couple everywhere I went and I could feel their eyes on me, maybe because I was alone, I don't know. The wife and husband sent a drink over to me at the pool and that struck up a conversation. They was a couple from the US and they invited me to dinner with them that evening.

The wife was curvy with dark hair, very attractive BBW and the husband was your average white man with a dad body. Probably early to mid 40s.

So I went to dinner with them quite innocently but over dinner things became quite flirty, especially when we went to the roof top bar afterwards. The insisted I sat between them and things became quite touchy feely.

They then invited me back to their room and we had the most passionate night omg.