Written by Louise

23 Mar 2009

When I was 19 back in 1983 ,I had a job as a barmaid in my local pub.One night as we were tidying up after closing time,the landlady,who was in her late 30s knocked a glass of wine all over me.

She quickly took me upstairs to her living quarters and told to get it off and she`d was it through. I told her I`d be ok but she insisted and said she`d get me something to wear.I slipped my dress off and was left in my lacy black bra,panties and sheer tan tights and white court shoes.

She went thru to the utility room with my dress and told me to pop into the lounge and put the telly on. i switched tv on and sat down,very concious that i was in my underwear.

Jane the landlady came back with a couple of glasses of wine but i noticed no clothes for me! She sat down next to me,her black nylon covered leg brushing mine.And poured me a glass of wine.Your dress won`t be long she said.i`ll put it in dryer in awhile.Good job Dave (her husband) is out she laughed,he loves girls in their tights and stockings.

We sat chatting and as i drunk more wine i relaxed and more or less forget i was undressed.Jane was asking about my boyfriend,is he big she asked? big? yes his cock she asked. I was shocked. I`m not sure I stuttered. Well is he like this she said pressing a remote,a video appeared on, the tv screen,a big hard cock being slowly wanked by a female hand. God thats big i murmered. The camera slowly went back and revealed Daves grinning face. OMG I moaned,he was naked with a massive hard on. Jane then came into the pic,naked except for suspender belt,stocking and heels,wanking his cock slowly.

You like ?she asked. I nodded,speechless.Like to suck that? Again i nodded.Good girl she laughed.He`ll be home soon,like to touch that big hard cock? I could feel my nipples hard against the lace of my bra,my pussy getting wet,opening.

To be continued