Written by kirsty

27 Jun 2009


I am kirsty ,and have been seeig a older guy for a while now,i have a boyfreind who is such a good fuck and there is no shortage there but i still want this guy who is in his fiftys and would let him jump my bones every day if i could,he is married with teenage daughters of his own and i even have the odd night out clubing with his eldest, i am 24 very patite small brests and a nurse ,and dont consider myself as sluty ,

It just happened i live in a house across the back with my boyfriend brian, it belongs to my sister who now lives with her husband, so i rent it and andy the guy who i am letting fuck me does the odd job for me,and as the weeks went on we got closer he is self enployed and has a lot of spare time his wife works days and we started spending a lot of time together sitting in the sun at his when i am nights and things just happened.

We were close oneday, i was in shorts and teeshirt sandles and we started kissing dont ask how and soon in the heat of the moment we were on the floor his hands inside the leg of my shorts i was so horny even after the seeing to that my boyfriend had giving me that morning before going to work

I needed this man and i encoraged him on soon my shorts and panties were around one leg and he was mounting me and sliping into my very wet tight hole,he had a firm body and not the biggest cock but what he lacked in that he made up in stamaner here i was on my back this older guy inbetween my legs looking down into my eyes fucking me across his lounge floor with every push i slid another few inches towards his fireplace.

Well i thought between squeels arent you the demon i had came twice ,i new his carped would need a wipe as i am a bit of a squirter ,his face was contorted i new he was going to cum but i could not let him cum in me as i was not on the pill no no dont cum up me i pleaded he smiled down at me and did a few more pushes and puled out .

I grabbed him and tugget at his cock then he grunted splash after splash landed on my tummy it was over my cunny and even filled my belly button.

When he was done he slumped down ontop of me squishing his cum over me we hugged a little before the guilt kicked in and i bent to pick up my knickers and used them to wipe myself down sliped on my shorts put my pants in the pocket and he seen me to the door we hardly spoke.

I thought that was a one off and i would not let it happen again ,but that would not be every waken hour was taking over thinking about him between my legs and even when brian was giving me his usal 3 min fuck, i just had to see him again ,i reached for my phone and texed HI, and things went from there ,but that will have to wait ,tell you soon

to be continued