Written by Abcdefghij

18 Sep 2009

i recently met a guy at the gym who on first impressions i thought was very attractive, but totally out of bounds as he was at least 15 years older than me and an instructor of one of the classes at the gym... little did i know that he quite liked the look of me too.

after a few cheeky comments and a brush past my breast i was turned on but thought he was just a big flirt.i was walking past the tanning room when he grabbed my arm and said "fancy a workout?" i was in there like a shot already wet and ready. he locked the door behind us then he lay me across one of the benches near the showers and pulled off my leggings and french knickers and brushed his thumb across my clit which was now throbbing, he then teased my opening for what seemed like forever until he slid a finger inside my wet shaven pussy then two fingers as he expertly fingered me, then watching me as i came he started to undo the tie on his jogging bottoms and pulled them down to reveal how hard he was. while licking my pussy he started to wank himself, i tried to get up because all i wanted was his hard cock in my mouth but he kept pushing me back down again, another wave of excitement hit me when i started to cum again but harder this time and to my surprise i squirted all over his face which turned him on so much he pulled me up by my arms so i was sitting up with his cock in my face, he told me he wanted to see me swallow all of his cock. i duely did as i was told and took him in my mouth while looking up to him he started fucking my face and i loved every minute of it. he took his cock out of my mouth and told me to turn around and get on all fours, he spanked me so hard it echoed around the whole room and the sting hurt so bad, but felt so good. i felt the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy and he started teasing me with it sliding the tip in and then taking it out again, he told me if i dont ask nicely and call him sir then i wont get anymore of his cock, so i put on a little girls voice and said please sir i will be a good girl for you. and he spanked me again and told me that it wasnt good enough and i didnt sound like i wanted it enough, so i begged him please sir i really really want your cock inside me sir please please please and on the last please he pushed himself inside me and made me moan, he grabbed at my hips and pulled me back further onto him, so his whole cock was buried inside me. i thought i was going to cum again there and then i could feel it throbbing inside me.

he started fucking me hard and deep and spanking me inbetween he told me that i have to stop pushing back on him and let him be in control, he reached under me and grabbed at my tits and held them and fucked me so hard i was cuming again in no time and i had my first multiple orgasm, he was still raring to go when we heard keys in the door, he said, turn around now! so i did as i was told and i took his cock in my mouth as he seemed to explode at the back of my throat. we were dressed just in time as another staff member came in with two new gym members showing them around.

i go to the gym alot more than i used to, its definately an incentive for me