Written by llove..actually

29 Aug 2008

I wont disclose my name (for obvious reasons) but this is a VERY FACTUAL account of my 18th birthday party which happened several years ago....

Being their only Daughter my parents put on a lavish bash at their country house.I invited loads of my friends from college and my parents also invited a few family friends along.We had a great night and by 1am most were heading home.

My boyfriend at the time was very insecure and hated me even chatting to other men,so when Dereck a lovely friend of the family started to chat with me he went off in a huff.

We carried on chatting sat in the garden with the stars overhead.Dereck at the time was prob mid forties and married to Julia who was away on business.They had both been friends of the family for many years.

Has time was getting on we all headed inside and everyone went to bed.My bf was drunk on the stairs and dereck put him to bed then came back downstairs and we carried on chatting.He looked so manly compared to my childish bf and i had often heard his wife Julia and my mum talking about sexual things her and Dereck got upto.

My imagination began running wild and it wasnt long before i began teasing Dereck,first i asked if he wanted to see some of my presents.When he replied yes i went to my room where my pathetic bf was snoring his head off and picked up my brand new high heeled leather boots from their box.I then changed into a very short skimpy dress and made my way back down to Dereck in the sitting room.

When he saw me his eyes almost popped out of his head,i walked over to him and asked him if he approved,he grabbed me and pulled me towards him very forcefully.I knew then i was about to have a REAL man for the first time.

He kissed me pasionatly with his tongue finding my open mouth with ease.He smalt good and he felt so strong.

He led me on to the floor and lifted up my dress,he slide his tongue around my sticky pussy and teased me until i came with a violent shudder,before i could come down he was licking me hard and another orgasm ripped through my body.

I was gasping for breath having never experienced anything as powerful before.

Dereck then unbuckled his belt and i waited and watched in sheer awe.When his cock sprang out it was much much bigger then anything i had seen before let along had before!!!

I slowly made my way to his semi errect penis and could smell his precum and sexual aroma immdiatly.i began licking it slowly getting used to the sheer size of it

it felt huge and i could feel it pulsing in my mouth.I struggled to take it all in my mouth even thogh i really tried.

He then lifted me on to the couch and opened my legs wide and held his penis at the enterance of my slippery pussy.He waited until i was comfortable and then slowly began easing himself inside me.I cried out but he put his strong manly hands over my mouth which turned me on even more and it suddenly felt like i was having a thousand orgasms at once and i knew my pussy was squirting for the first time but couldnt stop it.

Dereck began pumping in and out of me and ive never felt so much pleasure in my life.he felt like he was gooing to come out of my mouth.

I then remember Dereck tensing up and asking was it ok to come inside me,i nodded and then felt was must have been half a pint of warm seamen enter my womb.He was grunting and moaning loudly before slowing down and kissing me passionatly again.

Dereck then got up and got dressed and i went up to my room and slept next to my bf for the final time.

We finished the next day and Dereck kept my sexual needs satisfied for the next few months until i met the man im now married to.

Although there is always that glint in Derecks eye when we see eah other.