Written by dave

26 Jul 2008

My girlfriend was out with friends for dinner last saturday night and i stayed in to watch a bit of porn in quiet. Sitting in the lounge watching some good fucking i was feeling very horny so i got my cock out and started having a wank it did feel good and i layed back on the sofa with my eyes half shut. Next thing i new our neighbour who is in her early sixties came walking in to the lounge [we all let ourselfs in each others houses in our terrace of 4 houses] i didn\'t know what to do my shorts were round my ankles and cock was rock hard pointing at the ceiling,i was very embarressed at being caught by this lady, she didn\'t even raise an eyebrow she just came over and pushed my hands away and started to rub my cock very gently the end of my cock was glistening with precome which she rubbed around my helmet with her fingers and then licked her fingers. She then stood back and started to get undressed and commented that i shouldn\'t get all the fun she didn\'t have much of a figure when naked but i was to horny to care i layed there rubbing my cock then she very boldly came and sat straight down on my face she certainly wasn\'t backward in coming forward so i pulled her lips apart and started licking her gaping fanny she was quivering at this so i lapped even more circling and sucking on her clit ,when she seemed to have got it together a little she leant forward and started wanking me again i started to push her head toward my cock and she lowered her mouth over my now raging hard on she was fantastic and i blew my load in about twenty seconds in her mouth and on her face she carried on wanking me and grinding her pussy into my face after about another five minutes of licking she climbed off and said you better be up for fucking me, bent over the coffee table she pulled herself apart and offered herself to me i knelt behind her and pushed in in one go 9 inches sraight in she did squeal and moan but pushed back onto me like a madwoman i fucked her until she was squealing about coming so i fucked her as hard as i could and she started to come followed closely by me deep inside her. I pulled out after a while and said about how good she was and she admitted to not have had any sex for about 2 years as her old man couldn\'t get it up that was last saturday and i\'ve fucked her twice more this week we meet up on my way home from work and fuck and suck in the back of my van i hope we get seen as i reckon after last saturday she could easily handle 2 cocks if it does i will let you know