Written by sue and dave

29 Mar 2009

this story started about five weeks ago when arthur ,an oldman who lives next door found out i could copy his videos onto a dvd so he could watch them on his new dvd player.

let me tell you about us and him.

i will call myself dave and the wife sue.i am 32 and the wife is 28 she has dark shoulder length hair,5 foot 9" tall with long legs and a big firm bust,she has a great body and when we go out ,she gets a lot of looks with the outfits she wears, usually quite revealing clothes and high heels.

arthur is i think mid seventies about 5 foot 4 slim with a bit of white hair.

about 5 weeks ago he asked us to copy some videos for him so i took them and said i would do them later. that night i started copying them and they were mostly of his garden ,allotment and a few holidays then we put the last one on and i kept flicking back between watching tv and the video.

and we were shocked when sue appeared on it layed sunbathing topless in our garden ,you could hear arthur saying what he would like her to do , and the way the picture was moving you could tell he was wanking.

we decided to watch the video ,and there was a lot more film of sue again sunbathing and hanging out the washing in just her little nighty. then a film of his couch appeared, he must have had the camera on a stand and i was just about to turn over when arthur appeared in his dressing gown, he sat on the couch and must have been watching a porno because he started rubbing his cock through his gown. he then put his hand inside onto his cock and opened his gown up, he was naked underneath and his cock was fucking massive.it looked out of place on him, it must have been 10" plus long and very thick, sue said god i bet that would feel good and we watched him wank for about 10 mins and when he came it seamed to spurt gallons.

that night we went to bed and as we were having sex i said i bet you would love to have arthurs cock up you and she said i am comming thinking about it.so i said we will try to plan it someway.

next day i gave him his tapes back but i had copied one for us.

then 4 weeks later we put a plan together.i said we would invite him for dinner and at some point i would fake a phone call and have to leave.

sat night and we invited him round and sue put on a very little dress ,heels and nothing else the dress was that short it was about 4" below her ass cheeks ,arthur couldnt take his eyes off her,

we had our meal then went into the living room ,me and arthur sat on the couch and sue on a chair,

we were drinking a bottle of wine, then i went into the kitchen and rang our home on my mobile ,i answered it and told them it was work and i had to go ,i smiled at sue and said i would call when i got there.

i gave it 20 mins then rang her and told i would be gone for a good 2 hours ,and she could make her move. i went around the back and into the garden and because it was light in the house and dark outside they could not see me. the french doors were slightly open and i could hear them. sue asked if he wanted another drink and went and sat next to him. they drank about half a bottle when sue got up and said lets put a dvd on and she put the one of him on.arthur looked a bit shocked and when the part of him wanking came on sue opened her legs ,put her fingers on her shaved pussy and said that would feel great in here then took his hand and put it between her legs , as he touched her, she reached onto his lap unzipped his trousers and took hold of his cock , she said god your rock hard ,i cant get my hand around it. then she said look dave wont be back for 2 hours take me to bed and fuck me , at that she stood up , took his hand and led him upstairs. i gave then 5 mins

and went in . i could hear them upstairs and sue was saying it was that big she could just get it in her mouth and arthur was saying oh yes that feels good , as she sucked him.by the time i crept upstairs and peeked through the part open door they were on our bed nakedwith arthur on his back and sue just lowering herself down onto his flag pole of a cock ,she rode him for about 5 mins saying god it feels like its in my stomach . she was sliding up and down it and he was sucking her nipples. then they changed position with arthur on top between her legs pounding his full length into her, she was comming all the time then he pulled out and sprayed come onto her stomach ,face amd in her mouth, they lay on the bed and sue said ,tell you what arthur you may be 50 years older but you are a fantastic fuck and i might tell my mate about your cock ,have you ever had a threesome .i gave them an hour to get dressed,sat in my car having a wank then went home.

if she can arrange that threesome i will let you know