Written by eromjoe

28 Aug 2007

Recently on a holiday my wife and I went for an early morning stroll along the beach feeling a little tired after the night before; we lay down on a deserted beach for a while. Next thing I knew I was waking up I had been asleep for about 2 hours, I look my wife. She was sleeping but had stripped to her bikini as I admired her body I became aware of more people around us I looked around and was shocked to see that we had fallen asleep on the nudest beach.

As with most nudest beaches it was full of middle aged men of varying races, as I laughed to myself about where we had stopped my wife began to stir. I lay back down and watched out of the corner of my eye as she woke and seen the look on her face as she realized where we were. To my surprise she took it all in, normally she is quite shy but this didn't seem to bother her.

There was a steady stream of men parading past her for the next 20 mins or so. Her eyes and head followed the guys as the passed ,next to my surprise she reached behind her and unclipped her top and revealed her 36E chest to the beach and lay back on the sand. This just increased the volume of traffic passed our position.

Then one guy walked past and moved into a clump of trees that were next to us no more than 15ft away. My wife's head followed him as he came parallel to us he stopped and faced my wife and started to wank himself. My wife never moved but never took her eyes off him. It wasn't long before he shot his load my wife just smiled and started to laugh but then realized that I was asleep beside her and tried to muffle it. I figured it was time to let her know I was and had been awake all along. "Why didn't you help him?" I asked. She was a little shocked that I had been awake but replied that she was thinking about it.

I told her that I would not mind if she had, really she asked. I spent the next few minutes convincing her it was ok. At 31 yrs old my wife is quite attractive large chest and a big but extremely cute bum. She looked nervous but it wasn't long before another guy came to the same place as the first guy and started to wank. My wife took a deep breath and asked him if he needed a hand. Oh yes was the reply. She went over and dropped to her knees in front of him and started to wank him off. another guy joined the guy already being wanked. My wife now had a cock in each hand both guys were really enjoying it. Suddenly a third guy appeared and placed his cock in front of my wife, she looked me as if for approval I just smiled and nodded. Then I watched as my wife wrap her beautiful lips around his cock and started to suck him. This went on for several minutes before the 2 guys she was wanking came all over her. I seen her head jolt and I knew the third guy had just came in her mouth he grabbed her head and pulled her close forcing her to swallow his seamen . The men separated and my wife came back to me saying "I can't believe I just done that"

I just smiled and replied I enjoyed the show.

Good she smiled back at me. I aim to please.