Written by buildertype

7 Sep 2018

I have just watched a work colleague Gary fucking my Wife Amy while at Rob & Tina's home, as he had only popped around to speak with Rob ( see previous O C f story ) and being a bit cheeky he got his cam phone out to video and take photos of my Wife's used pussy after he had finished with her and a pic of Rob, Tina and myself watching. As I was still in Tina's Hot tub I was reluctant to get out as I was naked as I didn't want to add more fuel to the fire that Gary had started , as I looked around at Rob and Tina and back at Gary who was now smiling and knelt up behind Amy her bum in the air as her head was down resting on her crossed arms in front of her .

I looked at Tina who came across to chat to me , I said Gary was a bit crafty there not only did he get us to let him fuck Amy he even took pics to prove it and that we all watched, I told Tina that he has got some sort of plan going on in his head here, this is not the last we will see of him, she said you think so ! . I told her I know so ! , as I whispered to Tina could she pass me my shorts off the patio so I could put them on as I explained why I wanted them , she said oh sure and passed them to me.

We saw Rob go over to Amy pull her hair back from her face to ask her if she was alright , Amy smiled up at Rob an said yes fine just hot an tired for a minute , Rob kissed her on the cheek coming over to us to chat , as I slipped my shorts back on in the tub, Rob said sorry about that Dave , that wasn't meant to happen , I told him no worries as Tina took him off indoors to tell him what I had been telling her.

Then Gary sat back in his chair as I saw him pick his phone up and could see he was texting , I guessed he was probably telling his other work mates and maybe adding a pic or 2 before he stopped and stood up came over to me still naked and said thanks Mate ! , she is a good fuck and has a smashing body on her , you have a goodun there Dave ! I am surprised you have to let your mates fuck her as well is she a bit of a nympho ?, as can see she likes plenty of cock .

I tried to play it down saying about why we were there as we had thoughts about buying a Tub and that it was just Amy and Rob hit it off , he said Yeah mate am sure bet you have been giving Tina one as well as when I walked in it looked like Rob had fucked your Mrs more than just once and laughed as he went back over to Amy and pulled her up to sit on his lap as he rubbed her boobs and chatted with her. I was still thinking he is up to something as most guys would probably get up and go after just having the cheek to ask you if it was alright to fuck your wife , but he seemed to be hanging around.

Then Rob & Tina appeared at their patio door said you off now then Gary , he looked up from kissing Amy and said no I am just getting to know Amy here but would love another beer mate , I looked at Rob and could see Gary was winding him up but as Tina got Gary a beer , Rob came over and I told him to stay calm as it will only make matters worse as Gary has all the evidence he needs to make matters worse , Then Tina came out with some beers for Rob and myself and Tina took her dress off and I was pleased to see she had put a bikini on and with a beer in her hand she came in the Tub to join us , we chatted while glancing across to now see Gary had Amy knelt between his legs once again as we watched her hold his cock like it was a precious instrument as she ran her tongue along and over it before opening her mouth to suck on the head before starting all over again licking it .

As Rob and I watched we both soon sported erections and Tina came to sit between us and pulling my cock free from my shorts she took us both in her hands , Tina said can see why you two are in this state she looks good doing that , that Gary is a lucky guy she is hot your Wife , Dave ! As Tina surprised me by saying I wouldn't mind playing with her myself as I love her body , Rob looked at me and winked , just as we were enjoying ourselves , the door bell rang again as Tina got up I watched her lovely petite bikini clad body go to the door , this time we expected Tina to come back on her own .

When Rob and I both got a shock as 2 lads ( Ryan who was 18 , Andy who was in his late 20's ) who also work with Rob and Gary followed Tina thru in to the garden , Tina looked across at Rob and myself and mouthed the word Sorry !, as she led them over to Gary , as both lads said Hi Rob , Hi Dave !! with huge grins on their faces as they saw Amy unaware as she had her back to them as she was still licking an sucking on Gary's cock . We saw them as they stood watching my Wife as Gary spoke to them both , as Tina made her way over to us , to say I couldn't stop them as they said Gary had told them to make sure they came in to see him and that he was at Rob's house as they carried some beers with them , Rob looked at me none too happy as Tina got back in the Tub to sit between us again .

As Tina settled next to me she asked is Ryan a new boy as she hadn't seen him at work before , Rob said yes he hasn't been there long he's a apprentice, she whispered to me he had told Tina nice bikini and bum making her smile as he followed her thru the house, I said oh he has got taste then and laughed , Rob looked at us confused. We watched as Gary was making gestures to Ryan and Andy when Ryan came over said Hi Guy's ! thanks for inviting us over and took the tops off 3 beers he had in his hand to hand us 1 each, Rob looked amazed at him , totally speechless ! As Tina told him shut your mouth you look like a goldfish.

As we 3 sat there watching Amy still sucking on Gary's cock before stopping as Ryan offered her a beer as well, we were again surprised as both lads began to strip off, while Tina had gone back to holding Rob's and my cock making them stand again , Amy looked across smiled and I am guessing but I expect Gary had told the lads we were happy for them to join in the fun as he had kept her away from us , so she would be none the wiser. I was happy to feel Tina hover over my erection, pulling her bikini to one side before sliding down on to it as I knew she was feeling horny the way she rubbed us both , then Tina bobbed her head down to give the head of Rob's cock a suck and I realised that was the first time I had seen her touch Rob in the times we had been together .

I watched as Rob lifted his hips out of the water and I saw Tina taking more of his big cock into her mouth her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on him and made me wonder if this might lead on to maybe a foursome at some stage between us , as I looked up to see Amy having a foursome of her own as now she was licking both lads semi erect cocks while Gary was once again filling her pussy with his cock, as I looked across I was sure Gary had made sure we watched as he had turned Amy around so we could see him sliding in and out of Amy while still able to see her sucking on both lads cocks.

I was holding and feeling Tina's body as she bounced on my cock while sucking Rob , I thought well there is no disguising the fact that I am fucking Tina now from Gary, as he tuned his smiling face to look at us in the Tub, then I saw Gary stand up grab a couple of sunbed cushions off the loungers to lay on the patio, he spoke to both lads and Amy and the 3 of them moved over on to the cushions . We had stopped all activity in the tub the 3 of us wondering what Gary was up to next as he grabbed his phone as Amy was laid on her back as Andy knelt between Amy's now spread thighs, while Ryan also stood with Gary as their phones were aimed at the couple.

The garden seemed silent as Andy pushed his cut cock into my Wife's pussy as well now, as we heard Amy groan as he slowly filled her up , telling him it feels so good Andy, it made me wonder if Amy fancied him as he is quite a fit bloke in more ways than one with his blond hair , good looks and a defined 6 pack. the 5 of us watched as Amy's boobs jiggled around as he slowly fucked her, Amy's hands reaching out to pull on his firm arse , Andy looked up at Gary and Ryan with a huge grin on his face , before glancing in our direction . Andy pressed his face to Amy kissing her which she loves to do before pushing himself up to run a hand over her boobs an pulling on her nipples and making her gasp with pleasure.

I could feel my own cock throb in Tina's pussy as the atmosphere was so hot with sex as we watched them, Rob looked on jealous of Andy as he fucked my Wife, then as Amy cried out she was cumming , seconds later Andy pulled out telling her to get back on all fours so she could suck on Ryan's cock while he carried on fucking her , Amy smiled but it was a tired look as she knelt up as Ryan knelt down still with his camera in hand as he watched Amy lick and suck his cock now this time Andy had reached for his camera and I watched as he was filming his cock sliding into my Wife's pussy again as Gary stood there slowly pulling on his cock.

My attention was then diverted as Tina stood without any care undid her bikini top pulling it off and asking me to undo the bottoms as she squatted back over me and I felt my cock slide up inside her , she whispered to me make me cum please Dave ! I want you ! I bent my head to suck and chew on her pert nipples and she came almost straight away before saying God that was good but I want you to cum with me now , I want to feel you cum inside me , Rob looked on a bit surprised I thought as he hadn't really seen us both fucking at close quarters before , as I grabbed her bum and sucked on those nipples struggling to keep them in my mouth as she rode me told her I was getting near.

I glanced up for a moment to just hear and see Ryan cumming and filling Amy's mouth with his cum , just as Tina said to me please now Dave , fill me up ,please! , Tina squirmed back down on to my cock as I filled her pussy with my warm cum, letting everyone know she had cum on my cock luckily her nearest neighbour is a fair distance away, we kissed as Amy pulled herself tight to my chest, I glanced back at Amy to see her smiling with her mouth and tongue coated with Ryan's young cum as Ryan was smiling back at her his cock still erect and looking as if he could start all over again .

I thought back as to when I was young and able to carry on in a space of minutes , I held Tina to my body kissing her face as Rob winked and said I think you 2 needed that, that was actually quite horny watching you both as I glanced up again I noticed Gary had his camera aimed in our direction , I guessed he was just getting some more ammunition to be used if necessary. TBC