Written by Peter

18 Nov 2012

I worked six weeks on, three weeks off in North Africe on the oil fields. My wife was trip. She really was cock and I was pretty sure she was being fucked whilst I was away. When I was home one trip we were in bed and she enjoyed touching herself as I wanked myself off and when she was well worked up I asked her how many times she had been fucked when I was away on my latest trip She denied she had at first but I told her that I knew she needed cock and I did'nt mind as long as she was happy but would like to know everything. She was rubbing her clit with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other and was breathing heavily. I told her not to fuck me about and to tell me everything. Then she murmurmed that three men had fucked her, one four times the other two twice. I told to tell me how they fucked her, where they fucked her and what she did to them. The first one was three days after I had gone back, she had been for a drink with her friend Pat and they were chatted up by two men. They went back to Pats house and had a few more drinks and Pat went upstairs with one of them. Chris, my wife, sat on the settee withe ken, the other chap and soon he had uncovered her tits and was fondling them and suggested going upstairs too. Chris agreed and had stayed at Pats house before so knew the bedrooms and the one where Pat would be. Chris led him to the one next to where Pat was and he lay her on the bed and removed her dress and panties and she lay naked as he stood alongside the bed and she watched as he stripped off. His cock stood up hard and erect, about 8" and quite thick and she said she was looking forward to being fucked by him. He got into the 69 position and she sucked his knob as her licked her cunt and clit. He soon had her gasping and very wet ready for his cock. He turned her onto her back and and pushed his cock fully up inside her and made her cry out as she felt his knob push against the neck of her womb. She told me that he shagged her really hard and told her she was a great fuck. Then he turned her on her knees and held her hips and pulled her onto his 8" cock and she felt it right up inside her. He was giving her a really good fucking and she soon climaxed, crying out loudly. He slowed down as he said he did.nt want to come yet. Then the door opened and his mate entered the room and said he wanted to fuck her and told his mate to go and fuck Pat. His cock stook up hard and erect and replaced his mate and rammed his cock powerfully up inside her cunt, making her cry out again. He said he'd given Pat a good fucking and had'nt come yet. Chris told me her cunt had taken a good pounding and she did'nt know how much more she could as he moved her onto her back, legs open wide and knees raied alongside her tits. She felt his spunk filled balls pushing against her arse as he rammed his hard cock fully home and she climaxed again and begged him to come. He thrust harder and was grunting and then said he was coming and rammed his prick fully into her, keeping his thick cock up inside her and she felt him pumping his spunk right up inside her as she dug her nails into his buttocks. He groaned and said she was some fuck. She said she enjoyed it too. They went into Pats bedroom where his mate was just coming inside her. When they left they said they would contact them in a couple of days which they did and fucked them again. I was wanking myself off furiously and climbed onto her and shagged her and soon pumped a load of creamy spunk up inside her and we lay there exhausted. I could'nt wait for her to tell me more the following night.