Written by Cum monkey

24 May 2016

I was driving home into Tewksbury and really needed a piss so I pulled in a long lay-by and pulled in seeing a car was parked up I just went next to my car and started pissing and noticed this oldish guy got out and wondered over and stood next to me unzipped and had my self a sly look and he had a pretty impressive boner not pissing just tugging anyway he just said I'll sort you if you sort me so I knew what that meant as it wasn't my first time so we went over to his car he had me sit in the passenger seat door open and I started sucking this tasty cock cars zipping past i Found it more and more exciting until he just unleashed this cum into the back of my throat surprised and chocking on the load I had swollowed he kept pushing in the now floppy cock I then stood up and we switched places and me now throbbing and the pre cum already in my pants I whipped my cock out and he must have been a pro as he was sucking so hard and fast I only lasted a matter of minutes he then swollowed and got into the drives seat and drove off and saying thank you felt like a right slut