Written by Tom Brown

7 Oct 2017

The first time that I realised that having sex in public was exciting must have been around 2009 when I was 21.. I had passed my driving test a few years earlier and after saving hard for a couple of years I finally managed to buy my first car, a rather tatty second hand Ford Fiesta , but at least it was mine. Late one Saturday night as I was driving my then girlfriend home from the cinema, I drove into a dark car park There were a few other cars parked around but I found a quiet corner and turned off the lights.

My girlfriend and I started kissing and petting, I soon had my hand up her jumper and she was stroking my stiff dick through my trousers, I tried to go further and put my hand under her short skirt , I got as far as touching her knickers before she said no and pushed my hand away.. I took out my dick and she started stroking it. I was still kissing her and I tried to push her head down gently into my lap. She did not offer any resistance and I felt her warm breath on the tip and then her lips covered the head. As she was sucking me I was aware that there was someone standing close to my door. I looked to the right and saw two men about six feet away watching us. Instead of being scared I began to enjoy the fact that they were watching me getting a blowjob. I reclined my seat and pushed my trousers further down my legs so that they could have a much better view of my dick in my girlfriends mouth. Because her head was buried in my lap she had not realised that we had an audience.

I put my finger to my lips to indicate to the two men to keep quiet. One of them had his own cock out and was wanking. Just before I was about to come I waved at them to go away, which they did, my girlfriend lifted her head off my lap and took my dick in her hand she finally finished me off and I shot my spunk into a handkerchief. As we were driving home I told her about the two men and she was furious with me in case she had been recognised .A few months later we finished, she had often given me a blowjob but never allowed me to fuck her.

For years after I never forgot the buzz that I got that evening and I was determined to do something similar again.

Five years later I had a job which required me to travel to several European cities, one of them being Barcelona. On my third visit to the city I found I had some expenses cash left and I decided to visit a sex show that I had seen advertised.

Entry was expensive but when I went down the stairs I took a seat in the front row close to the stage. The theater was soon crowded with a mixed audience and the show started. There were some good looking strippers, a lesbian show with the two girls using a dildo on each other on the round mattress that was in the middle of the stage. A couple came onto the stage and when they were both naked the woman went on her knees to perform oral sex on him, then they got onto the mattress and fucked in many positions until the man ejaculated over her bum.

Next on stage were two girls who did a strip, when they had taken all their clothes off both girls sat on the edge of the stage, one was directly in front of me and she stretched her leg towards me and pressed her toes against the front of my trousers, she could easily feel that I had an erection. The other girl had got off the stage and was sitting on the lap of another young man a few seats away. She had his hard dick in her hand and was wanking him.

We were both pulled to our feet and led up the few steps onto the stage We were both facing the audience while the girls undid our belts and pushed our trousers and shorts down to our ankles. Both girls put condoms on us and took our cocks in their mouths. The young guy next to me gave a whimper after a few seconds and the girl stood and took off the condom and showed the audience that the guy had cum into it.

The girl who was sucking my cock was actually not very good at it, she was not putting any pressure on my cock with her mouth, she was just roughly pumping it with her hand. I was still hard and after a few minutes I sensed that she was getting annoyed that I had not cum. Someone in the audience shouted something to her which I think was for her to try harder. She let go of my cock and went to the front of the stage and in English said shouted "If you think that you could do any better, come up and show us" I do not think that she expected any body to reply but a dark haired middle aged woman stood up at one of the back row seats. She made her way to the steps onto the stage while man sitting with her shouted something in German and laughed.

She stood in front of me and pulled the front of her top down so that both of her large soft breasts were exposed. I was very proud that my dick was still fully erect with the condom hanging off it,

She pulled the condom off my cock and replaced it with another new one that was handed to her. She got on her knees and pressed my dick between her tits then lowered her head and closed her lips over the head. She was far better at cock sucking than the younger girl with plenty of use of her tongue around the head. Even though I was enjoying it I was determined not to come too soon She looked up at me and asked if I wanted to fuck. I nodded and I shuffled towards the mattress still with my trousers around my ankles.

She raised her skirt, pulled down a very small pair of knickers, lay on her back spread her legs and lifted her feet onto the mattress. I stood between her thighs and she held her lips open as I pushed my cock into her. I started thrusting while she rotated her hips , the audience started clapping in time to my thrusts. I held on as long as I could but when I reached out and took her tits in my hands I finally filled the condom with my cum. I stepped back from her and moved to the side. The woman was rubbing her cunt with her hand and with a few cries of "Ja, Ja" she squirted a stream of fluid several feet across the stage. There was a big round of applause from the audience. She stood up picked up her knickers from the mattress then took my hand and we both bowed . I lifted my trousers up and we both left the stage. She went back to her seat still with her breasts out and her husband kissed them before she pulled her top back over them.

I went to the toilet to remove the condom, while was there her husband came in and asked if I would like to join them for lunch the next day but I told him that I was booked on a flight in the morning.

I have not been back to Barcelona since then but the chances of the same happening at on a future visit are very small.