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3 Sep 2010

Well what a time we were having in La Gomera and only been here a few days. We talked over breakfast of what had happened over the last few days on the beach being fucked so many times. She said thank god they have left the island I think today we should just give our selves a rest.

Well if you read the other stories you will now know my wife as been fucked in every hole and she has enjoyed every moment, totally different person to the one I married.

Anyway on with the story of what went on this day. We left the hotel and went down to the same beach but it was well after midday had lie in if you know what I mean. When we climbed up to our favourite spot there was someone already there a oldish couple lying there naked he with pot belly and she was massive, German I think based on what they said, did not understand them. So we set of looking for another spot.

We found a large spot over looking the sea, rocks all the way down to the sea, it was more like a little camp site surrounded by a rock wall about 3ft high with entrance towards the sea. We found a spot at the back to the left as you enter plenty of space for two, we undressed and got down on our towels for some sun bathing. I was hoping for another good day of fucking but my wife just wanted a day of rest. We laid there for hours very quite when all of a sudden this guy enters completely naked with a good size semi hard cock just hanging there from is fit body, he must be in his late 30's. He looked over towards us my wife not taking any notice, he nods and indicated as though to say is it ok if he settles down here were he was standing to the right just inside the entrance to our spot.

I said to my wife he wants to know if you are ok with him sun bathing over there, she said can't stop him can we, so I nodded back yes ok. My wife was just lying there on her back looking fantastic all nice and brown trimmed pussy great tits socking up the sun I could have fucked her there and then. We must have been lying there for some while the guy I noticed was brown all over no white bits to be seen he must be Spanish I thought. Any way he got up and wondered over to were we were lying,he was now standing next to my wife and she could clearly see is semi hard cock, it was impressive long & thick and brown, he spoke very little English but I understood what he wanted, he was asking if one of us could put lotion on his back, now I have wondered how these single men who are so brown get the lotion on their backs, as you know us men are not forward coming when putting lotion onto other men's back's unless you are gay of course.

I said to my wife I think he is gay so it might be better if she did it, she moaned a bit then got up to put the lotion on him, he turned around and walked back to were his towel was with my wife following, I shouted to her don't miss anything with that she gave me such a stare. I watched has he got down on his towel belly down, my wife took the lotion from him knelt down on the far side of him so I could clearly see what she was doing. She poured the lotion on him, starting at the shoulders then moving down his back and across his sides her tits just touching his back as she massaged the lotion into his side.She then proceeded down over his bum cheeks down his legs to his feet one leg at a time, she then came up on the inner side of his legs towards his bum, I could not see but I am sure she was putting lotion on his balls. She finished then said something to him which I could not hear he said something back and with that returned.

She laid back down I said did you enjoy that and did you play with his balls, she said she did enjoy it as yes she put lotion on his balls and she said I don't think he is gay because when I touched his ball I could see is cock starting to get bigger. Did you touch his cock I said, of course I did just briefly.

I touched her pussy and boy she was wet, I thought we are going to have a good day, she said you can forget that there is no way you or he is going to fuck me today I'm sore from yesterday. Anyway time went by, she turned onto her stomach and asked can you put some lotion on my back, sure I can so I got up got the lotion I was just about to kneel down between my wife's legs when the guy taps me on the shoulder with his finger to his mouth shhhh. He took the lotion from me knelt down between my wife's legs looking up towards her pussy. He poured the lotion on her back and shoulders and started to rub it in, he was making the most of it my wife lying there murmuring that's nice she said, I just said doe's it feel good as I was just behind this guy to his side so my wife did not know it was not me putting the lotion on. He started to move down her back spending time on her bum, then down her legs to her toes then up the inside of her legs towards her pussy. She parted her legs more so you could clearly see her wet pussy, she was sighing oh that's nice, he started to massage her inner thighs and kept just touching her pussy lips, her breathing was now getting deep her I new she was enjoying her self when all of a sudden she said don't he might be watching I leaned over her and said he is not there she turned her head to the side to look, where's he gone, I said I don't know was not looking. She turned her head back and lifted her bum up slightly giving more access, he started to massage again her inner thigh all the time I am sure she thought it was me, he then touched her pussy lips again this time she was just murmuring one finger went in then two he was now finger fucking her and she was loving it, she bucked and came all over his fingers, his cock was now just near my wife's pussy she said fuck me before he comes back he looked at me and I nodded ok with that he slid his cock into my wife's pussy. He started slowly fucking her she said my darling that feels big and wonderful fuck me harder,with in minutes she said I'm cumming and with that she came all over his cock. She was now head in the towel with her arse up in the air and he was fucking her doggy style which she loves, I had my very stiff cock in my hand but I was more interested in watching them. After just a few long strokes into my wife's pussy I saw him arch his back his head well back muffling his emotions and started to shoot his load deep into my wife's pussy. She said wow my darling I can feel your cock shooting your cum inside me. He must have been shooting 5 or 6 times he then removed his cock and what a lovely site my wife's pussy open, full of his white sperm. He got up and moved behind me my cock was still rock hard.

I then knelt down behind her and placed my cock inside her wet spunky pussy, she said who is that, I said it's me she turned to ensure it was me then she saw our friend behind me with his semi hard wet cock, she looked at me I smiled and said you enjoy that didn't you, she said you bastard I said it's my turn now and I gave her the fucking of her life, spunk cumming out of her pussy as I fucked her her head down on the towel moaning in pleasure I started to finger her bum hole and she started to cum all over my cock, I could not hold back and I shot my load into her along side our friends. I pulled out she just clasped on the towel face down cum seeping from her pussy. I looked at our friend he smiled and walked back to his spot.

We laid there for a while my wife not saying anything, I noticed our friend had left so we were on our own. I leaned over and gave my wife a kiss on the lips she kissed me back then said I should have known that was not you his cock was a lot bigger, are you angry with me I said but he wanted to put the lotion on you and things just went on from there. She said yes but no at the same time as she enjoy it she just wished she new it was him.So I did get another day watching my wife get fucked but it did not end there.

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