Written by sexycouple69_

19 Mar 2010

Well we decided to go to the nudist beach again in Tenerife, we had been a few times but Ann named changed enjoys being nude but is not happy about all the guys looking at her while playing with their cocks. She did have her first stranger cock when we were in Gran Canaria but that was another story which I put on this site.

We found a nice spot in the sand dunes and settled down for some sun bathing, it was not long before guys were passing trying to get a look at her naked body and to see her pussy which was facing them.

She turned over onto her belly and asked me to put lotion on her which I did with pleasure. I started on her back then moved down over great arse down her legs then up inside her legs towards her pussy. My wife has a great arse, good size tits but slim body her pussy is shaved a little so just looking at her as I was putting lotion on her was getting me hard.

I moved up her inner thigh and she get out mmmmmmmm that's nice she said I then let my fingers move over her pussy lips letting one finger slide inside her cunt, she let out a moan but I had to stop as there were many people about to her disappointment.

I told her that there were guys trying to get a look at her and that they were playing with their cocks but she did not seemed bothered so I just let them watch.

Anyway the afternoon went on and people were now leaving the beach, Ann turned over and was partly sitting up on her arms so she could see the beach and the people, she said I thought you said there were guys playing with their cock were are they, I said most had gone and some were just down the beach.She said that's a shame I wanted to see how big they were.

Just then a guy was walking by naked looked over and said hi, he was Spanish but as we found out could speak English. We said hi and he came over towards us is cock swinging as he walked it was semi hard good size tanned all over. He stopped just at the feet of my wife and asked us if we came here often, we said this was our second time. He then lowered him self down and at the same time managed to part my wife's legs a little so he was now half sitting between my wife's feet. He turned to me and said you have a lovely wife you are so lucky, he then turned to my wife and said you have a great body your pussy looks absolutely gorgeous your husband is very lucky, just then my wife opened her legs more to show him more of her pussy, he looked at me and I gave him the nod to proceed he moved up a little and I could now see a very large hard cock, my wife was just looking at it not saying a word still leaned back on her arms. He leaned forward and went down on her his tongue started to lick her pussy. She then just laid back to enjoy, he started to finger fuck her as he licked playing with her clit, she soon started to cum holding his head down hard on her pussy, I could see her building up to what was a mighty climax. She came all over his face, he came up from her pussy with a shiny face he then moved up to kiss her but stopped at her tits he then started to suck them in turn. His large cock was now fully erect and was knocking on the door of my wife's pussy. She could feel it and started to push her self on it and with that I was now watching my wife with a hard on I might say being fucked by a stranger who we had only just met. He started to fuck her she telling him to put it all in and fuck her hard, she then had her hands on is arse pulling him further in he fucked he hard and fast, she came again, then he stiffened and shot his load deep inside my wife. He got up cleaned is cock said thank you and walked away. Ann just turned over stuck her head into the towel and her arse in the air and said now it's your turn.

I was still rock hard and as I was just getting behind her noticed another guy around late 30's watching he had seen everything and wow what a cock he had it must have been 9-10 ins and a wide girth, he came over and I let him take my wife from behind doggy style, she could not see him as her face was in the towel she just said come on getting your cock inside my cum filled pussy. He then entered my wife slowly, she said darling you feel big and with that pushed her self on to his cock, she let out a scream of lust wow you are big just fuck me and cum inside me. He then started to fuck her and she came in mins don't know how times she came but she was loving it, he tensed then explored deep inside her. She just collapsed on to her belly. He just nodded to me and left.

I just then laid on top of my wife with my hard cock on the crack of her bum, there was cum coming out of her pussy, I said did you enjoy that she just said oh yes that was the best I then said now it's my turn and shoved my cock inside her now cum filled pussy. But she was stretched so I used the cum to lubricate her bum hole at the same time she was asking me questions who fucked her what was he like, then I entered her arse she just took it all in which she normally will not do and I fucked her arse and filled it with my cum. We just laid still for a while not saying anything cum coming out of her pussy and arse, I then looked up to see a guy wanking him self of just looking at the sight in front of him I told Ann ton open her eyes to see, she did but he asked if he could fuck her she said no she was sore but he could cum over her tits which he did.

We cleaned up and left not saying a word.................