Written by trainman

11 Apr 2013

...........He positioned my hands similarly on the edge and I felt totally exposed and completely vulnerable ....... completely turned on and convinced I'd shoot my load as soon as he touched my cock.............

.......except he didn't touch my cock. I heard a chair being moved behind me then he sat down and put his gloved hands on my ankles gripping them tightly to let me know who was in control. Very slowly he moved his hands along the backs of my calves onto my thighs and as I felt him get near my ass my cock twitched. The latex fingers brushed my dangling balls then slowly and very deliberately he parted the cheeks of my ass exposing my innermost place, his face just inches from it, I could feel his warm breath. Forcing my cheeks wider he leant forward and I felt the first probing of his warm wet tongue as he gently flicked my hole, his beard prickling my shaved ass cheeks as he buried his face deeper, his strong hands now pulling my thighs back towards him. My cock slapping my belly as he rocked me back and forth...then a gloved hand slapping my cock and balls as the other hand reached for my nipple and twisted it, rolling it too between finger and thumb.

I pushed back against him and moaned in pleasure ...... when he had me absolutely rock hard he went to a cupboard in front of me and I saw him take something then walk back to the table and standing before me he undid the cap and squeezed a palm full of lube into his gloved left hand. He replaced the cap and left the tube stood in front of me on the table.

behind me I heard him sit again then felt the cold gel as he massaged my hole with the lube. 'Now , relax your hole' he told me, as he fed me poppers..... then as I closed my eyes I felt the first finger gently slide right inside me up to the hand as he wanked my cock slowly. He pushed deeper, all the time giving me poppers and as he withdrew on a stroke I felt two fingers slide in, then when he had me used to that I felt all four fingers slowly and painfully easing their way in, all the time now him kissing my ass and pulling my foreskin right back til the glans was fully exposed. Almost painful but so erotic too.

He withdrew his fingers completely and told me to rest. I was still on all fours and watched as he went to the desk, then turned holding a glass dildo shaped like a bullet..... absolutely smooth and about 10 inches in length. He lay it on the table right in front of me, between my outstretched hands, I wouldn't be able to take that length I knew.... but he just held my head and forcing my mouth open offered up his cock. He was still fully dressed and I was totally naked cept for my leather boots and the cock ring ...... his big cock jutting out of his trousers the head glistening purple and taut. I wanted it so leant down and let him feed it to me, trying to get as much as possible into my mouth....his hands pulling my head backwards and forwards as he fucked my face. 'Good boy' was all he said to me, but I knew he was ready to cum, his back arched and he fucked faster but just when i thought he was going to shoot he pulled out, stroking my face gently.

'I want to see you cum' he said then picked up the dildo and the lube, went behind me and as I took a deep draw of the poppers I felt the cold, hard glass slide between my wet cheeks. I leaned forward and pushed my ass towards him meeting his slow thrusts with my hips as I felt him wank my raw cock ..... I'd been stiff for an hour like this. when the dildo was a few inches in he ordered me to grip it with my ass muscles then he gently eased my shoulders up til I was knelt upright .... I could feel the dildo sliding out but he told me to slowly sit on it, trapping it between my ass and the table, then to ride it slowly.

When he was satisfied with his instructions he walked in front of me and leaning on the desk began to wank himself. 'Now,' he said, 'Wank for me, as you fuck yourself....nice n slow'..... I watched him wanking his beautiful cock and big heavy balls knowing I was going to make him cum as he watched his STUD slut playing only for him .... I felt such a tart with that glass dildo inside me, my stiff cock in my hand and my naked body just feet away from this professional gentleman in his office that I knew I'd cum in minutes. He stepped closer and as I wanked faster for him he began to stroke and feel my body all over with his free hand, cupping my balls and rolling them ..... but that was too much and as he bit my nipple I put my head back, closed my eyes and shot my warm spunk all over the massage table.

'Let it go' he whispered and I felt his thick creamy cum shoot all over my ass cheeks as he tossed himself off, emptying his balls onto my leather boots and wiping his cock against my thigh.

He stroked me gently then standing in front of me he bent down, licked my spunk off the leather table then stood up and kissed me. So horny, so erotic, the taste of my own spunk and his saliva. He ordered me to lean forwards again and slowly began to remove the dildo, but teased me by slipping it in and out, as he sucked my balls from under me. I could feel myself getting horny again but he laughed and said that was enough for one day. He had work to do.

He wants me to go back again in a few weeks when he's told me he wants to examine my prostate.

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