Written by bernard1409

24 Jul 2008

My wife had a long time boy friend before I met her ,But he never wanted to marry her,, only use her for sex,, she was hopelessly in love with him,, she told him \"marry me or let me go\"

He just walked away from her ,,after six months she met me ,, I knew I was only second best ,, but I gave her life the stability it needed,, we did not hold each other for any past mistakes we had made , I held nothing back from her ,letting her know early on that I was also a cross dresser, and if given the chance would love to dress in her underwear,, she saw no real harm in my wanting to do that ,,so over the coming two years she encouraged my fantasy,,even saying I looked better wearing her stockings than she did ,Longer legs ..

But things started to go wrong,, she use to go to visit her sister once a week,, i was not keen on going with her ,so use to stop at home watching TV.

Then she started to get home later,and later,, some time i would be in bed when she came home ,

But one night got out of bed for a pee and happen to look though the window and saw her coming from the wrong direction,,I got back into bed and said nothing ..

A few days later we had words and i told her she had been lieing to me about going to her sisters

She broke down and told me she had met her old boyfriend in the town and gave way to temptation, and had been meeting him , asked if he had been fucking her again ,, she dropped her head and said yes ,, he had done that to her

She cried and said if i wanted her to leave she would do so ,,I told her not to be that silly,and that i understood that if you loved someone you did not just stop loving them because they were not with you any more..

She said she had made a big mistake and we kissed and made it up

She also said that she would not go and meet him again and that it was over if i took her back

I said that was not all that wise,for if she still loved him it was better for her to see that he had been using her again,,so i said keep seeing him then ask him to take you away and see what he says ? but she said what if he still wanted to have sex with her ? i told her to let it happen ,, as long as she did not keep anything from me ,, or let him know that i knew he was still fucking her..

well time has run out and she is calling me for dinner so will have to carry on with this story later ,, but its all true every word