Written by chris4245

1 Jun 2009

Well if you have read my last story, then you will know we had met and had one of the best fucks that night. Now I have to tell you of what happened in the week ahead.

On the Monday it was the start of the weeks training with the staff. I was in the training room sorting out the agenda and placing pads on the tables so they could take notes, when looking down at the tables in came Susan the white girl who I’d met the night before in the bar. The first thing I saw was her long legs and as the eyes moved up her body she was in a very short summer dress about 3 or 4inches above the knee! She was so alive and had a cheeky grin on her face when she said good morning and sat at the front of the room. She asked what we would be getting trained on and after the small chat asked if she had slept well. Suddenly she just said not really there was a lot of noise in the room beside us and there must be a woman in the hotel with a big smile on her face, I asked what do you mean by that comment? She just came out and said I think there was a gang bang, as she heard a woman’s voice but at least two or three men’s. Luckily I was facing away from her when she said this and kept my composure. Then smiling she asked what room was I in, I new then she knew it had been me and said I was watching a porno, she said I thought that but it was not on any of the channels. Nothing was said further as other staff had walked in.

As the morning went on showing slides and new manuals I noticed Susan and her Asian friend Fe were sitting beside each other and were whispering on occasions. Lunch was at 1 and as I wanted to keep my distance on a professional level I stayed in the room and had sandwiches. Al of a sudden Fe came in, shut the door and said is it true then? What? I said well we’ve just found out your room number, we? Yes me and Susan are in the next room to you and we heard everything. You made us really horney and we had to sort ourselves out. She said this with no embarrassment went over to the door and locked it. Now I teach body language but could not hide my shock of knowing they knew. She just came back to me and got hold of my hand and pulled me of my chair and I walked with her like a lap dog as she took me out of site of the window. Then just went down on her knees, got hold of my cock and said we need this hard coz you’re going to fuck me as I am still so wet after last night at the thought of what you were doing. Well the cock came out and sprung to attention and with her dark eyes said now it’s ready, she stood up bent over the chair in the corner, raised her skirt and said now fuck me! She had no knickers on and being a man just entered her and fucked her like a rag doll, she started to say that’s it use me like you fucked her last night, it didn’t take long before I said I was about to cum, she said good, shoot your spunk up me now!, so I did as asked. I slipped my cock out and rested it on the cheeks of her arse, she looked back at me and said you can have that another time and used her cheeks to squeeze my cock. After we rested and sorted our selves out, she said she felt great as she had just won a bet with Susan as to who would fuck me first. I said Susan wants to fuck me as well? Fe just said o yes and we want you together as we know you like threesomes.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, luckily there was a fire exit Fe just pushed the bar and left leaving me to sort the bar back into position, then I went to open the door for the staff.

As the afternoon training started Fe came in through the door apologising for being late and sat beside Susan. As she sat, she whispered to Susan and there was a shock as well as a smile on her face and I knew she had told her what we had done. About half an hour had passed when both the girls started to tease me by slouching more in the chair and started lifting their hems up high, so much so that I could see a little glimpse of their cunt’s on display. I had a hard on trying to teach and they knew what they were doing. But that wasn’t the end, as Fe started to finger her pussy and then bought her fingers up to her mouth so seductively, licking them as she staring right at me. Susan was nearly in hysterics with laughter watching my reaction and the rest of the group had no idea what was going on thinking someone had blown a raspberry.

I was so turned on that I rushed the rest of the training and finished the lesson by 3.45. Everybody thought this was great and I made a comment we had done well today and if they wanted to use the facilities of the hotel go ahead as the company was paying.

Everybody left quite quickly and there was only Sue and Fe in the room, they just giggled and said we want to use your facilities in our room!

We went up to theirs and I was wondering if I would have any stamina left for fucking, but my cock was still hard thinking about it. As we entered the room both girls just seemed to walk and drop their clothes. Both had nothing on and they looked at me telling me to sit down and let us put a show on for you. Again I sat and watched as they kissed, moaned and fingered each other then got into a 69. They kept looking at me asking if I was enjoying the show. As I answered, out of the blue they said we heard the woman last night asking if we would be any better than her in doing what ever she was doing at the time. (They had heard everything!!) they then asked what she had been doing when she said this? I told them about her crouching over his face and flicking my cum out of her pussy on to his face and me cuming again over her tits and face. They remarked that was different and said well come over here (still in a 69) and shove your cock up one of us and cum. Then we can watch your spunk dribble out on to one face and you can clean your cock in the others mouth. I got over to the bed and decided since Fe had had my cock in the training room; it was only fair Sue got the experience as well, as in taking her from behind. I got behind her and pointed my cock to her well oiled pussy, her lips looked as if they were gaping open. As I was just about to enter her, Fe licked my bell end and then sucked on my balls, she said get ready Sue coz this is one hell of a cock. As I rammed it right into her, I heard her whimper as my 8 inches hit her womb. I started to give long thrusts holding her arse and now and again looked down and I could see Fe was teasing Sue’s clit. Suddenly Fe said I want you to cum up her now! I’m Cumming and Sue said the same, as she said this she put a finger up my arse! That was it I also exploded without warning leaving what felt like a big load up her. As I pulled out of Sue, breathing heavily, Fe said well go on, show Sue what you have just used on her and let her clean you up. As Sue licked me, Fe started to tell us cum was dropping on to her face. Sue looked at me, winked and smiled, she let go of my cock turned around and there I was, watching Sue lick Fe’s face and starting to kiss her. It was so erotic and they were moaning, Fe then got on top of Sue showing her arse to me and said if you have the stamina fuck my arse. I started to finger her pussy and noticed she was the type of girl that comes with a white gooey consistency I transferred it to her arse and then slowly worked my well used cock inside of her. Fe was just moaning as Sue started to suck on her nipples and slapped her arse. This in effect made her arse tighten giving me a nice grip round my cock. Sue told me to fuck her hard, well I gave it my best shot, fucking like no tomorrow. After what seemed about 10/15 minutes, Fe said she couldn’t take any more. I don’t know what came over me, I said well you will have to coz you both have been teasing bitches all day and you need to be fucked into submission. I didn’t last very much longer and gave Fe a few more thrusts and came again for the final time of this session. We talked for a while about the events and it came round to the fact that they would love to meet my friends and have a gang bang.

That will be in the next on the road 4 look out for it.